Ratchet shears, scissors omnipotent

If you need to put some steel channel or cut off, what kind of tools you will use.


Hydraulic scissor easy to use, but the price is not cheap

Hacksaw, but cheaper too strenuous

Bolt cutters, the limited size steel

Cutting machine, which used the site where, ah, how can it at home, use of space is also limited


This is below the ratchet shears can not see the shortcomings of the above tools to solve it

16mm steel, not strenuous to cut the

Channel can easily cut

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Ratchet shears principle is very simple, that is, the more pressure the more tightly the ratchet structure, to cut steel.




The name, many fans have said very strange machinery, however, does not mean no contact Ersheng yo ~ ~ Although we rarely noticed them, but in life ratchet means almost ubiquitous.

A one-way ratchet mechanism by the intermittent mechanism looked like a ratchet gear (Ratchet) and pawl (Pawl) of the composition, its role is to convert a continuous rotational motion or a reciprocating motion into a unidirectional step.

After reading how are you feeling, Xiao Bian think it is nothing artifact, but it is quite easy to use, and can cut a range of things more, but not suitable for large quantities of things to cut, occasionally with a good choice.