Is the pine wardrobe? Kunming Decoration Network Share Pine Wardrobe Maintenance Method

First, the pine wardrobe is good?

1, environmentally friendly, pine wardrobe relative to other wardrobes, especially in many wardrobes that have passed the paint-sprayed wardrobe is extremely high. Due to the elasticity and breathable pine wardrobe, the content of formaldehyde will be largely lower than other wardrobes even. And the pine wardrobe that is sprayed, retains the original characteristics, natural texture, natural and beautiful. No pollution.

2, design simple and fashion, pine wood has a clear and simple log line, the colony of the log is pleasing, and the texture is highlighted. This is also one of the reasons for many idyllic fans. Good thermal conductivity, simple maintenance, usually use the soft cloth along the texture of the wood grain, can be dusty to the wardrobe. Easy to transport, a pine wardrobe with a detachable structure is extremely convenient in transportation.


3, pine wardrobe lies in that it is a material that is not polluted and will not affect people’s health. Now that the shouts of environmental protection are more and more strong, people can see that environmental protection and health. Therefore, the pine wardrobe is a very good choice. Pine is pure natural, a coniferous forest, which is very lush, is very meaningful for health, and the simplicity of nature is also cashed.

Second, pine wardrobe maintenance method

1, often keep the cabinet door clean, there is no debris in the orbit, dust. Wipe the cabinet with half-wet rag when cleaning, do the cabinet door, avoid using corrosive cleaners. The dust cleaner or small brush of the track can be cleaved with a metal piece such as a cabinet and a trip. Heavy objects and sharpeners should be prevented from taking track, scratching cabinets and door panels, catering edges cannot touch water and other liquid solvents, and fall off while preventing sealing.


2, usually when using the sliding door, the handle is relatively easy to deform. If you see the handle, it should be promptly flat, otherwise it is easy to crash or handle. It is usually necessary to open the cabinet door to make the wardrobe to ventilate, so as to avoid the cabinet, the clothes are tidy, the more the closet is used, the more beautiful.

3, let it breathe, or use a dehumidifier regularly to avoid the cabinet, the clothing is subjected to a tide. It is less than the wardrobe with a fragrance containing a chemical composition because they are likely to cause damage to the closet. When the room air or weather is too humid, please open the door and window ventilation and place a small bag of lime or other desiccant in the corner of the wardrobe, prevent the cabinet and door plate molds and deformation.

4, maintenance and cleaning of the surface of the wardrobe cabinet, should try to avoid damage to the surface of the wardrobe in the use process, if the surface is not careful with slight scratches and hurt, can be used with cotton pads with small soot with lemon juice or fried grain oil The mixture is rubbed, after drying, the upper wax maintenance, if it is a deeper deeper or serious, it needs to be adjusted to the same color paint, or to the wardrobe store to buy complement toner back to repair.