“Fruit Small Cloud Events” Does you make you stunned? ! also has no time: “You have a vulnerability” “No, this is a set!”

I still remember that the double 11, a fruit small business was fried in the whole net in the whole net.

The “fruit small cloud flagship store” store said that he missed the navel orange originally 26 yuan 4500 grams of navel orange, and the tens of thousands of orders smashed between the nights were really powerless. The seller “Leave a Birthplace”.


The identity of the store, the heart of “Money opened the store”, and one person bornested, and the public opinion is concerned. Afterwards, under Taobao’s support and protection, the store is resumed to operate, and the business is ushered in a big turn. Previously, the new price of Navel Orange in “26 yuan 4500 catties” is “28.8 yuan 9 pounds”, and the monthly sales exceeds 30,000 orders.

Seeing things will reopen the store, fans have purchased support for the warmth end, and did not expect the plot to have a big reversal. A fruit store in Sichuan broke the media that his merchandise information was plagiarized by a small cloud flagship store. The actual operations behind the small clouds actually related to a company specializing in the “no goods store”.

For a time, the public began questioning the “vulnerability marketing” of the fruit. That is, it is a bug that the merchant will promote the promotion into the unclear, using the user’s greed, cheap psychology, to achieve the effect of viral communication and outbreak growth.


The industry said that considering the cost, technical threshold, and the defensiveness of the e-commerce platform itself, the first time can monitor the chance to real vulnerability itself, and in the WeChat group, the “vulnerability voucher” appeared frequently in the circle circle , “Coupons” are mostly the merchants deliberately released through the Amoy or third-party APP.

Some merchants may have a small amount of benefits, but more, this is only a way of merchant marketing, and the “loophole” is hitting a nervous atmosphere, so that everyone will buy it. Buy. The wool party thought that he had a cheap, in fact, it was treated as a leeks.


True vulnerability is not so much

Not long ago, Miss Wang saw a “Jingdong Fresh Broad Vulnerability” in the WeChat group, saying 5 boxes of oranges and singular fruits, after superimposing various coupons, 10 fruits are only 37.6 yuan . This makes her very heart, so she quickly snapped up and felt that she had a big cheap.

But after her, the customer service immediately sent a picture, and wrote 1 “5 pieces of default together.” This makes her feel confused. If it is “vulnerability”, how can the business ready “Activity Description” in advance?

After she received the goods, it was found that the so-called 10 fruits were a total of 5 pounds of oranges and 30 kiwi. This price is only slightly lower than the market price. It is better to say that I have said that I have a moon. It is very likely to be a “vulnerability” of the “vulnerability”, using everyone’s greedy psychology is promoting.

So, in the face of WeChat group, all kinds of “vulnerabilities”, “coupons” in the circle of friends, how to judge it? Let’s analyze from the principle of technology.

Introducing the industry, the real spike goods and vulnerabilities turns too late, the average person can’t grab it. Mr. Meng, a ERP Software Company, CEO, and Miss Meng, told the combustion to furnish, and it is necessary to have certain technical priority, and there may be some coincidence.


According to the normal procedure, we must first have a special reptile technology and climb all the product information. Then I will understand the semantics, that is, the product description, and the market quotes, it is clear, such as one kilogram of 40 yuan and 100 catties 40 yuan difference.


Semantic identification is not an easy task, such as many advertisement images write 9 9 discount information, point in it, knowing that only accessories are 9 9 9. Original goods are still very expensive. This also means that by very rich semantics and judgment can we know that the business is wrong, it is really cheap.

“The procedure of the light is basically can’t scan the holes.” Mr. Meng introduced, but not excluded that some people used the hacker to discover the vulnerability and then wool, this already belongs to illegal behavior.

If a real vulnerability is found, someone will use the easy language to write a script, simulate shopping, or quickly implement the verification code, the input number of the card number, etc. For some simple work or simple logic control, easy language is more suitable.

“The difference between the language and ordinary language is that the language programming is Chinese programming. For beginners, relatively close to the natural language, reducing the threshold of some development.” Mr. Meng said. There is also a hardware called a ghost keyboard, which can run scripts on the computer, analog keyboard actions, thereby completing some mechanized actions. The wool party is developed by a similar software that instead of manual repeated operation.

Considering the situation of the wool party, the technical team of platform and merchants will take defense measures, basically, while testing, the weight has been 1: 1. “Or don’t do things, an accident is a big event, so the test becomes heavy, and the tester is basically a higher-order programmer.” Mr. Meng said.

He said, considering the cost, technical threshold, and the defensiveness of the e-commerce platform itself, there is not much chance to catch the vulnerability, so the coupons that ordinary popularity usually see are not true vulnerabilities.

Where is the coupon?

Since the real vulnerability is hard to be found, why have someone in the circle of commented on a screenshot called low price to buy goods? Where did the coupons they have come from? It is understood that it can be generally divided into two categories.

One type is from the career.

They usually operate a large number of communities, name “vulnerability group”, “cabbage group”, etc., issued coupons in the group every day, and continuously.

Part of these coupons is the rebate from the major e-commerce platforms such as Tao, Taobao Alliance, Beijing Powder, Suning Pizza and other major e-commerce platforms.

Coupon with the coupons on a Amoy app


Li Ming, who did 10 years of Tao, told the ignifier, and the proportion of the commission of the app is different. Taking the Taobao League as an example, a box of 30 packs of nut gift boxes, using 40 yuan coupon after 29.9 yuan After he issued this coupon in the group, the ordinary users opened the product link in Taobao, and there will be a fan welfare purchase page. If the user coupon orders, the primary Taobao commission is 6%, which can be revealed 1.79 yuan, promoted To the intermediate level, the commission is 3.89 yuan.

Li Ming believes that this is a healthy way, users have offers discounts, and merchants expand product reputation and store’s concerns, and they can profit from it. Everyone takes the required.

Another part of the coupons from the Amoy come from the merchant. Li Ming introduced that some merchants actively find them to cooperate, issue hidden coupons, and launch a group in the form of the newspaper, becoming a new flow distribution model.


Sometimes, the merchant is willing to make the price to the extent to be guaranteed or even a little loss, but Li Ming said that there will often be a series of merchants and the Amoy string, deliberately release some big coupons. In fact, this is only a way of merchant marketing, and the price is not cheap than the market price, but they will create a tension that makes everyone “grab vulnerability” in the group.

Ms. Zhang said that she has been pulled into a Jingdong discount group. Every day, the coupons are bought to buy, it is not easy, until one day she finds that she is finished after the 30 yuan coupon will be 9.9 yuan to buy scale Cleaning agent, only sell “9 9) on other platforms. “I thought it was affordable. In fact, the goods were only worth having a value, and the merchant had already been good.” Ms. Zhang said.

A Jingdong Discount Counter

Another type of coupon comes from a large number of third-party APPs, such as honey source, phenaphoe life, etc.

These third-party APPs nourish a large number of fission communities underline. Take honey source as an example, the app registration requires an invitation code, and then there will be a group head to pull the group after review. The reporter experience found that there will be newcomers training after entering the group, the group owner said that the commission is up to 49,000 commissions in Honey Double Eleven.

Group of income in the group

A honey source said that in order to be in order to be inquiry, it will find honey-source cooperation and give some discounts, and then spread to all “wool party” communities. “We are actually equivalent to bridge between business and wool party,” she said.

It can also be seen from the method of upgrading operators from honey sources that the main purpose of the platform is to fissure the community. The group owner deliberately emphasized in the group, can’t spend the upgrade.

It is reported that Honey Source (Guangzhou) New Media Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2017. There is a large number of Taobao merchandise coupons, users can receive coupons, and then jump to Taobao, and spread sales to the goods through social relational chains, and get rebate. Join honey source, publish a circle, transfer group, pull people, have related training and unified words.

Its buyers are divided into VIP members and operators, and operators have a group, and the two have different commissions.

Group main training

It is worth noting that APPs that have had similar patterns are tested in violations. Peanut Diary Originally plans to go public in the United States in 2020, and then develop members from 51st $ 51, by setting the platform – operator – Super Member – Super Member … Super Member “level management architecture, development members up to 2100 More than 100,000 people were imposed by relevant departments.

Vulnerability marketing is not a new thing

In summary, the wool is a brain, and most of the so-called “vulnerabilities” is intentionally discomized by merchants and the Taobao or third-party app. How to extent, it is necessary for the user to judge.

In fact, this way of using vulnerability marketing is not a new thing. Many brands have used similar ways, so that the company’s discount is bug, using users, using users, cheap psychology, to achieve viral spread and outbreak Growth effect.


In 2017, KFC APP appeared, as long as the user changed the birthday of the account to “20160828”, he will receive a six-time bucket half-price voucher. This bug has passed, attracting many people to download registration, and brushes the KFC APP into the top 50 of the iOS Popular APP list overnight.

Baidu Cloud’s payment system has also seen BUG in June 2013, only 0.1 yuan can purchase member service of the original price of nearly 100 yuan, triggering a purchase, after a few days, Baidu announced Baidu cloud users to exceed 7 million And is growing at a speed of 200,000 per day.

In the early morning of January 20 this year, there were a lot of big loopholes that had “100 yuan without unimportant coupons, and wool party one night.” There are Weibo V. and then the re-discharge, and the trading volume of more than one night has reached 33.8 billion yuan, of which more than 2 billion is recharge. Although it is not intended to spend more, it has also achieved the same effect.

This is actually a “reverse public relations”, the marketing expert Jiang Shi said that with a way to have a loss and self-black, then reach the fast-spreading marketing system, this phenomenon occurs accidentally or actively in the public relations Many times.

This fruit small cloud event was also suspected of being a bug marketing. A few days ago, a Sichuan store owner called the media that “fruit small cloud” completely copies the product parameters set in their own store, including contact information and ID card.

At present, there are all goods, and there is no such thing in the store, and the store is called the picture of the other orchard, and provides a fruit.

This is far from Mr. Liu, and Mr. Liu has released a recording to the media. The other party expressed “compensation for 500 yuan, you can make friends, don’t care this little money, you are doing big things, we have Guangxi, Hunan The channel, the resources behind it are not imagined. “

Through the industrial and commercial information, it can be found that the Beiliu City Xingui Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. to which the Qianyun flagship store has passed in October this year, and the legal representative is changed from the original cultivation to Yan Yi and Zhao Xiaofang. Hold the stock 50%.

According to the information, there are 12 affiliates from Yan Yi, which are distributed in Yulin, Zhangzhou, Beiliu, Chengdu, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other places. 4 daily necessities, 5 e-commerce, 1 cultural communication and 1 construction project Ltd. formed a matrix.

In addition, Zhang Feng and Yan Yi have registered a company named “Wear Yun E-commerce” in Yulin and Shenzhen, fiders “out of stock”.

The outstanding source shop is to use big data and software to collect Taobao’s hot explosions and keywords. The address and phone are changed to actual buyers, earn intermediate differences.

“It is a company that really has a marketing matrix behind it, it is actually a good marketing case. But the origin source store is a plagiarism mode. The e-commerce platform has been in the illegal behavior of sealing. “Jiang Shi said.

However, BUG marketing this kind of trick of “killing a thousand self-damaged eight hundred”, or it is useful. After you look more, you will feel that everything is routing, and the final result will be counterproductive.

* 文 文 李明, Jiang Shi, is a famous name.

Comprehensive from the People’s Daily, Ran Finance, Interface News, IT House, etc.