Sleeping bed sheets continue? Teach you a trick, don’t pull it without seam, fast, easy and convenient

Sleeping bed linen,

First, protect the mattress because the mattress is not easy to clean, and the second is to use the bed monomer feel comfortable.

I believe that many people have this experience, sleeping in bed for one night, the sheets are running without forming, and they have been falling, even fell to the ground. It is actually a lot of trouble. It is actually a lot of trouble.

Especially when there is no helper next to, a person laying a sheet, very tired.

Some people want to change this situation, stick it with glue, or sew it with needle thread, not only damaged the sheets, but also affects the beauty of the bed.

But don’t fix the sheets on the mattress,

Turning that the bed is always chaotic, and some sleep light will be wrinkled by the pleats on the sheet.

Impact the quality of sleep.

I want to know that one third of the person is spent from the bed.

Sleep quality determines the quality of the work or the quality of learning.

If we want to solve this


“Troubleshooting” must first know why the sheets will run!

The reason why the sheets will run because the friction is too small.

For example, if our sheets, if it is silk, tiang, bamboo fiber, etc., there will be such a problem. So how should we solve it?

Xiao Nan taught everyone today, which is simple and convenient.

Don’t worry, Xiao Nan will not teach you to use the needle, take the rubber water!

This method is –

Bed linen holder!

This bed linen holder, as the name refuse is to firmly fix your linen in your bed! Don’t let it run again!

And it is very convenient to operate, less than 10 minutes, it is simply for all.

Just put the bed on the bed and then fix the holder around the bed.

Seeing that many small friends will be strange, where is this bed linen fixture? Where is our bed location to this bed linen fixture? Xiao Nan, are you casually find a “Fang Zi” to pit?

In fact, this problem is really not asking for a casual, where is the bed linen holder? Listen me slowly!

You will open your home sheet, you will find that there is a raised edge on the edge of the mattress.

Specially used to callers, and the card is particularly particularly stable.

How do you sleep again? This mattress holder is not chaotic!

And the card on the card will not let you sleep at night feel uncomfortable.

Although this holder is small, but the design is very strong, it is small and round, and it is tightly fitted with your mattress, so it will not be unaptious when sleeping.

And it is on the edge of the bed, and it will not affect your sleep quality!

Relatively speaking, the kind of binding is called the real discomfort under your body!


Everything has a reason for everything, and the bed linen holder is given to us is a good sleep quality and life quality, and the card is caught in bed, and it also reduces the time spent on the next day. We don’t have good time when you save the bed.


What’s more, this bed linen fixture is not expensive, 19.9 yuan 10, good quality and low price, home children can also try it, save time and effort, hurry to use it to secure the bed in your bed, So get rid of your “nightmare”!

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