Note: The reasons for dog biting shoes may not be greedy

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When you raise dogs, I believe that the pets have seen the dog bite the shoes, then why do the dog like bite shoes? In fact, there is reason, it may not stop being a greedy!

1, the dog is revenge


If your dog is very revenge, then after you guilty, the dog will definitely find a chance to retaliate, maybe in your bed, it is also possible to bite your shoes.

For this situation, the owner can please more dog dogs, give it a reward of dog snacks!

2, physical strength is very strong

If your dog doesn’t go out for a long time, if you have a long time, then it will take the house because you can’t get it, you will bite your shoes.


It is recommended that the owner has to take a dog dog, so that the dog is consumed, it will be very well-behaved at home!

3, dog dog miss you

When I miss the owner, it will also bite the shoes. Some dogs will not bite the owner’s shoes, will only take shoes, and then sleep on the shoes.


Because the shoes have a very strong smell, the dog smells special peace of mind, I feel that the owner will accompany himself!

4, dog teeth itchy

In fact, when the dog’s teeth are very itchy, it will also bite the master shoes. There will be a transit period when the dog is 3 ~ 6 months old. This few owners want to buy a rubber toy and molars snacks. .


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5, dog deficiency

In fact, many dogs are lacking trace elements, they will have a mess, the most common is to bite the shoes, eat stool, graze, wall ash, and these situations indicate that it lacks trace elements.

The owner can give it a supplement element, or you can choose a more vitamin and trace elements to feed, select high-quality dog ​​food, you can click on the link below.

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6, dog is bored

When the dog is very bored at home, it will bite the master’s shoes, and in addition to biting the shoes, it will bite other things and then run at home.

If you worry that the dog is too lonely at home, you may wish to raise two dogs at home!



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