Dongguan, red! The whole city hangs the national flag to welcome the National Day, the national flag sells hot festival atmosphere

The National Day is approaching, and the street festival at Dongguan is getting stronger. The picture shows the light column along the street along the street, all the bright five-star red flag reporter

National Day is coming, the reporter visited the found that in Dongguan yesterday, the National Day flag is selling well this year. The reporter learned in the Xinhua Bookstore that the national flag sales have doubled more than last year. The wholesale shop owner in the Wancheng Stationery market told reporters that some sizes of national flags even sell goods.

Ms. Qi Shi, who is located next to Xinfen Road, Guancheng, told reporters that not only enterprise units to buy national flags, the citizens have more self-purchased, but also many parents have children to buy national flags, they can be at home. Creating a strong holiday atmosphere, but also patriotic education for children.

Guantai Road and the Will Will Wholesale Market, the national flag sales hot version of the picture is taken by the reporter Pan Chang

Business business hot

At 13 o’clock yesterday, although it has already arrived at a lunch break, a stationery market next to Guantai Road is busy.

In the store of Lv, the reporter saw that she was answering the customer’s phone, and the clerk was receiving the national flag while receiving the flag. Ms. Lu told reporters that these ten days, the flag is hot, especially these days, some sizes of the flag even sell goods.

Ms. Lu and the reporter chat, followed by the customer’s phone, only heard that Ms. Lu said on the phone, “The flag of this size is out of stock, my father is not in the factory, you have to have 50 flags. I will help you find a way. “


“It can be said that this year is really sales.” Ms. Lu said, especially factory companies buy the national flag, there are also many people to buy the national flag, they buy, mainly when family or friends gather, think Dress up with the national flag to create a strong holiday atmosphere.

In Ms. Lu Shi store, Mr. Zhao, an advertising company, just came here, he told reporters that the National Day is particularly busy this year, and the venue is placed everywhere.

In the stationery market, another wholesale shop boss high ladie said that the national flag sales of National Day increased by at least 20% in previous years, mainly units, enterprises, schools, etc. wholesale, in addition to national flags, lanterns, red balloons, red cloth strips, etc. It is also very hot. As a merchant, I have already felt the National Day atmosphere, it is really more powerful, and the business is getting more and more popular.

Xinhua Bookstore, Xinfen Road, Guancheng, the small flag is very popular

Citizens buy national flag dress up home to celebrate the National Day

At 14 o’clock yesterday, the reporter saw on the second floor of Xinhua Bookstore, Xinfen Road, Guancheng, and there is also a national flag sale. Ms. Yu, who is responsible for the sales of the flag, told the reporter that the national flag is hot and selling, and the sales volume of the flag is more than four times higher than the year.

Large national flag, mainly units, businesses and schools, etc.

“Compared with the previous year, I have a personal man who bought the national flag this year.” Ms. Yan said that many parents came to buy a small flag, one side of the national flag of 1-1.5 yuan, and many parents will buy one time. A few faces.

When selling the national flag, I can often hear the parents say that the motherland is increasingly powerful. This year is exactly the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, to buy the national flag and lanterns to go home to dress up, create a strong holiday atmosphere.

Ms. Fang, who went to work in Guancheng, told reporters that this year specially bought the national flag and lantern dress up home, celebrating the National Day, thanking the motherland to get more and more powerful to make their lives.

Wancheng Canal West Third Road, a national flag hanging in front of a business shop

All kinds of party love use the national flag to create an atmosphere

At 15 o’clock yesterday, the reporter saw a few stores near the Dongguan Chaoshouses in Wancheng Canal West Road, and there were all kinds of national flags, lanterns and other items.

Ms. Tan Tan told reporters that she opened the shop in this street for more than 10 years. This year’s flag and lanterns are best selling. In addition to buying the national flag, this year, many business customers this year. There are also some individuals to buy a small flag, or lay at home living room, or place a strong holiday atmosphere.

In 2005, Mr. Chen, who opened the store in this street, told reporters that the national flag sold is particularly good. Sales increased by about 50%, such as slogans, red flags, and colorful flags, mainly in units, enterprises, factories, schools, etc. For the mainstay, the personal purchase of the flag is, for example, some classmates gatherings, will order small part of the national flag dress, the atmosphere will be better. These changes reflect our country more and more powerful, and the people of the people are getting higher and higher. (Reporter Liu Zhibin)

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WeChat friends circle national flag avatar brush screen but @ 微信 官 官 is useless

“Please give me a flag @ 微信 官!!” Today, have your friends have such a information brush? “

How do I celebrate the 70th anniversary? Everyone has a new trick. Tencent News has launched the activities of this changing status flag. People will generate a picture of the five-star red flag as long as you enter the link. However, there are also many netizens to start jokes in a circle, saying “@ 微信 官 官” can automatically generate avatars with the national flag, and many netizens have trials. What exactly is this matter about?

@ 微信 官 要 国旗 国 屏

Yesterday, the reporter found that his friends were “please give me a flag @ 微信 官 官”.

The reporter saw that many friends are in a circle of friends @ 微信 官 要 国 要 国旗, there is a friendship circle to show the “national flag has arrived, thank WeChat official”. These friends have a small five-star red flag in the lower right corner of the avatar. However, the reporter observed that @ WeChat official friends did not have a national flag. What’s going on? @ 微信 官 官 really can get a red flag?

The reporter also sent a “@ 微信 官 官” to the red flag of a circle of friends, but the reporter’s WeChat avatar did not change.


Change the avatar for the new China


It turns out that it is not “@ 微信 官 官” to get the national flag. The reporter experience found that this is an interaction on the National Day of Tencent’s news, open related links, uploading the avatar, the small program helps you add the national flag logo, save the avatar with the national flag logo again, then upload the avatar, you can generate Avatar with the flag.

WeChat users who generated the national flag avatar have opened a little joke in a friend circle. The news that “@ 微信 官 官” in a friend circle can get the small flag, many people have “tried”, all in the circle of friends.

Ms. Xu, who is engaged in media work in the circle of circles, has also sent a circle of “@ 微信 官 官”. Ms. Xu said that he saw someone in the circle of friends, and the head of the news was really a flag, and he also hurriedly “@ ​​WeChat official”. Ms. Xu released a friend to find his avatar and didn’t have a national flag. I asked my friends that I would like to take the link to Tencent News “Change the avatar for the New China Celebration”, and the Flag avatar can be generated by step.

Ms. Xu is very much appreciated for this interaction launched by Tencent News. “WeChat’s national flag activity, the public’s participation is very high, so that the public felt the atmosphere of the festival in advance, it is a way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of New China, and also a patriotic manifestation.”