“Horsetail three” handsome, the small dance cheongsam is amazing, the ancient version of “three dance” is too beautiful

For the image of Douro’s animation, many people are convinced, especially the image of the little dance, after several modifications have been filed with this most popular version, but the image of Tang San is because of some BUG I was disappeared for a long time, and I strongly demand that the call of the modification has never been broken, but today’s “horse three” is so unbearable? I don’t want it!


Original anime, Tang San image has gradually optimized. The recent “Horseta Three” is very online. Who knows the “three dance” in the mobile game version, it is even more sighing, “Ma Ten” image is even more Handsome new height? Don’t believe you.


Comment on the book, “three dance” hosted a good love

There are many works derived from Douro IP. The official version of the mobile game is endless. In order to attract new and old powder, it will make everyday activities. The review of the story of Liu Lanfang has brought to the brothers, but also let the protagonist CP “three dance” becomes Moderator, this hosted the style of painting, how many people are amazing? In the antique room, Tang San and Xiaoqiu, who wear the costume, the details were really good, and the super husband and wife live breath, and the ancient trend was performed, and the Tang San is also the official animation. Image.

The ancient style is full, God restores the animation “three dance”


Compared with the image in the animation, the “three dance” this time is full, the clothes are very beautiful, the light blue is mixed with pink, this is very comfortable with color matching, and the clothes are more embroidered. Floral pattern, “lovers” hits! According to the active God to restore “three dance”, it is also exquisite to change their image. It can only be said that the official is true, and it is really amazing! A lot of wallpapers than the four years of animation? Sure enough, the mobile wallpaper is not blown.


The horse is three handsome, and the book is very good.

Tang San’s image has also taken the latest version of “Horsetail Three”. When there is a good time in the anime, he is more warm in the wallpaper, and the Tang San’s temperament will be revealed, and he faces a small dance. The attribute is really full, and is he not a good book full of robe? Hand-fired fan, take a collar, face with a smile, look at the little daughter-in-law, such a three brothers are too handsome, completely see any force value, “anti-difference” is proper! This kind of “horsetail three” can tell you ugly? Every modeling is actually available!


Cheongsam is a small dance, and life is fat after marriage.


If the image of Tang San is very amazing, the version of the little dance is completely unexpected. After several modifications and fine-tuning small dance sisters, the value of the color can be hit, plus her anime image is a great heart. It is more uncomfortable to change the style of dressing, but it is still very amazing. It is still a good warm and love. According to this same room, wearing a small detail of lovers, this is a “three dance” after marriage life, no wonder the small dance body is majestic?

The ancient wind “three dance” is beautiful, fans: match a face

In any case, this ancient version of the “three dance” wallpaper is really amazing, completely different style of costumes, reflecting the “three dance” another beauty, especially the life of their marriage, the life, The small comb and rouge polish on the dressing table can be made by the brain, is it a dating and fucking? Whether it is the value or temperament, the ancient style “three dance” is very perfect, no wonder fans must say: match a face! The warm and love of full screen, the gentleness of the three brothers gave a little dance! How can such a “three dance” not love?

In summary, “Horse Three” is handsome, the small dance cheongsam is amazing, the ancient version of “three dance” is too beautiful, who said “Horsetail three” is not? I am afraid that there are many amazing pictures in the anime. No model can really get rid of the investigation. If it is a little leak, it is indeed harsh!

The code model cannot be said to be a problem, that is, there will be suitable or not, as long as you don’t collapse, you can play, the ancient wind is the forever, “three dance” changed the costume show, this temperament is completely different, Really amazing, isn’t it?