High boots, the warm beautiful scenery of winter, zero can also wear the street!

The high boots of autumn and winter are not looked at the artifact of beautiful legs. Hundreds of real wear, slim legs, solve all kinds of leg-type problems, no matter how the electric wire legs or Harbi can hold, can solve warm problems, mother no longer use me to wear the autumn pants!

Miandna Kerr


Miandna Kerr with Sam EDELMAN’s knee black high-skilled dress, put on a junk big wind, sexy slim bilayer.

American direct mail SAM EDELMAN 471878 women’s boots temperament stiletto high-heeled knee boots boots


Sam edelman leather high boots, cortical light black bright, high waterproof platform design makes small son MMs also have long legs, and walking is not tired, and the boots are fitted with the legs highlights the effects of stovepipe. A pair of high boots preparing such a sexy, there is also a high backward rate in cold winter.


Alessand Ambrosio


Alessand Ambrosio Legs have long life, love flat with high boots, with style chic long sweater One-Piece

Stuart Weitzman’s The Lowland Boots, the waist is all legs.

Stuart Weitzman 5050 SW low-heeled knee boots Lowland


Flat with high boots look casual and fashionable, long-term stations will not let the feet are sinful, especially suitable for traveling. The lace design of the boots is also very extra points.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s favorite pool with high boots, even if you don’t forget to wear the street.

PRADA women’s boots women’s boots


Prada slopes over the knee boots, the wedge design is highlight, visually pull long legs, particularly high. With a slope and support, girls who don’t wear high heels can also hold.

Celebrity Olivia Palermo

This double Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots makes the petite Olivia Palermo all worn out 170cm “visual effects”, light-colored suede elegant ladies.

Stuart Weitzman women’s boots women’s boots

This series from the small shoes brand Aquazzura – Aquazzura + Olivia Palermo Boots, Global Limited. There are a variety of colored suede, high-heeled high boots, except for the most common black, brown, gray, and retro charming wine red, trendy milky blue, are both bright and petted. Boots are very comfortable when the boots are stuck, and medium thick with design is very comfortable.



[High boot + slim trousers]

High-speed boots with Legging, Skinny’s tight jeans is the most common match, handsome. If you wear a leather boots, you are not suitable for matching leather pants, too dull, generating legs and boots become a cheap sense; dark leather boots are not suitable for taking too dazzling white pants, looks thigh short. Therefore, the mix and match of different fabrics can be hierarchically, and it should pay attention to the use of colors.

You can also wear a wide leg pants, put the boat pipe outside, put the high boots as a short boots, very new to wear ~


High boots When the growth socks are covered with loose trousers, can you hold it completely?

[High boots + high waist shorts]


High waist shorts + high boots have increased the waistline a few inches, and the legs look very unhappy.

[High boots + short skirt]


Short skirts and high boots are “hitting” good CP, winter wearing a destination short skirt, with high boots, there is temperature and wind! But the skirt and high boots, exposed a few inch skin, and the whole body is mixed. You can also put the high boots in socks, legs and shoes into one, unlimited to pull the leg line. But short skirts and boots should be different colors and texture fabrics, such as blue patent leather short skirts + red suede high boots, gray nylon skirts + pink patent leather high boots, visually jumping off.

[High boots + X-shaped dress]

Don’t say more, very soft and sprinkled with it.

[High boots + open long skirt]


According to the three-equivalent gold cutting principle of 1: 1: 1, wearing the long-distance dress below the knee, you should choose high-ascending style, breathable, painting the visual ratio, feel more tap. In the side or in the middle, it is also a sexy in playful.


[Oversize sweater + high boots]


Oversize sweater and super long sleeve design long-to-thighs not only show meat, but also a pair of legs. With high boots, you have a little handsome, super-eye, and small beer can wear 165+ visual effects.

[High boots + Oversize sweater skirt]


The Oversize Bar Signs is used as a dress. It is the most beautiful landscape in winter. It is fashionable and eye-catching with the high boots, and the warm and beautiful match can be so beautiful in early spring. The sweater is also needed to expose the thigh, increase the overall level, more than the legs!


Boots color can choose a knitted dress with color, or you can choose a black paint or suede that will not be wrong.


[High boots + Oversize suit]

Long suits are mixed with high boots, showing a thigh is still the key, handsome, have a bit of sexy, just right. The lined shirt skirt is in the wind and off.

[High boots + windbreaker]

The standard of the workplace, with leather material is more open.

[High boots + Oversize sports extension]


The style of the sports style is mainly comfortable, abandoning the strong sexy pointed style, selects the rounded shoe of the round head or the slope, and the style is more unified. High boots have zippers, lace and elastic splicing design, allowing overall image more dynamic.


[High boots + long coat]

The short foreign long looks, covering excess meat in the abdominal hips. It is also a line that extends with a long outer sleeve, and the double significant is thin and prolonged!

[High boots + cloak]

The big A word shape makes visual love, can’t help but look towards the charming long legs. However, the upper body is too loose, and the lower body should not choose the high boots of too much legs, otherwise the contrast is too obvious, and the tightening design at the athlete is more like a small leg.