One piece of sweater takes out a mouse, 90 years of Nanjing station bag, a large internal pirate group

Reference: Mass Publishing House, “Best of Criminal Investigation Case – Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau Album”


Nanjing Station Station in the 1990s


In the early morning of March 17, 1990, the Nanjing Railway Railway Public Security Department of the Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau broke into several people in Nanjing Station, and several people forcibly controlled someone. It seems to catch the thief to transfer. The rhythm of the police station. After a question, the police, I learned that the people who were twisted by Nanjing Station 2 campaign Chen 40%, this person stolen 1 high-grade woolen sweater from a row in a row of night shifts and hidden from themselves In the locker, when you try to transfer the station when you get off work, you are discovered and greet the people after controlling it to the Nanjing Station Police Station.

Today’s Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau Nanjing Station Police Station

Nanjing Station Police Station in the question, confirmed that the pen is detained and will be dendered by Chen 40 (naturally to reveal the thieves of the thighs), and report to the Nanjing Railway Public Security Department with ordinary public security case, but when the public security department When the word “ferrule workshop” is aware that this may not only be a common aft.


89 type warner comics image

The policeman who is working on the 89-style police uniform (non-penalist, but very good reflection of the police image of the case)

Because As early as July 1989, the Jiangsu Branch of China Travel Agency has passed the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Department Office to the Nanjing Railway Public Security Department, a foreign-related passenger, including the articles, including handheld recorders (DV machines), leather jacket, each There are hundreds of gold and silver jewelry, lighters, wallet, renminbi and foreign currency cash, etc. Although things in the list cannot be determined if all are lost in Nanjing Station. Because in foreign affairs services, hotels, restaurants, roads, railways, and airlines are foreign parcels staying and transit location. However, Nanjing Station is indeed an important distribution of foreign traveler’s baggage, and it is naturally one of the objects of focus. To this end, the Nanjing Railway Public Security Department has entered the three Nanjing station police officers in August 1989, the workers of the Nanjing Station police station have been entered into the Nanjing station package workshop (in order to make the play, the personnel department of Nanjing Station also Specialized for them officially issued a formal personnel, but did not have long exposed and was forced to interrupt the reconnaissance, and the reconnaissance work has not been made since then. An important reason is that the cooperation between Nanjing Station is scared to find out what a “civilized station” signage has been awarded by the station.

In the 1990s, Nanjing Station staff was bundled, and the employee of Nanjing Station was dressed in the same period.


Nowadays, I have caught the internal and theft of the linebox, and the comrades of the Criminal Investment have discovered new expectations. Therefore, the Criminal Investment General immediately took a group of people to the Nanjing Station Police Station, and the Director of Nanjing Station and the Nanjing Station security department formed a task force. After studying the certificate, Chen Sicheng launched a trial.

After a few days, Chen Si Cheng has biting him only, only this piece of sweater, and the rest is not recognized. But with the intuition of the police, the more criminals are biting, but more doubts are more. Therefore, the task force first reviewed Chen 40%, and sent people to his social relations to launch a peripheral investigation, and rushed to Chen 40% of relatives and secret friends with the help of the neighborhood of Chen 40% of the household registration.

Chen Sicheng’s housekeeper reflects: a person who is called “stone” is the most good, often go to Chen Jia to play, this person is working in Nanjing Steam Motor Factory. The investigators immediately rushed to the Nanjing Turbo Motor Factory, and found the real identity of “Stone” with the help of the factory security department – workers Zhou. Through the conversation between Zhou Mou and publicized the policy, Zhou Mou put down the bag of “buddy” reflected to the investigator: Chen Si Cheng became a very guilty, and it was very generous to friends, and once sent him a woolen coat. , Ten original videotapes, an imported leather belt and an imported electric shaver. And all of these things are given to the police, but also revealed that Chen 40% of Chen 40 is a doctor in the People’s Hospital. The investigators immediately rushed to the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital to find this doctor. After knowing the investigators, the doctor immediately gave the imported jeans, travel shoes and an imported lighter to the inspection after the idea of ​​the investigators. of).

Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Chen 40, a doctor who works here, provides an important person certificate for the police.


In this way, in half a month, the task force got a lot of friends from Chen 40% of the gifts to them, clothing, travel shoes, lighters, razors, etc. It has gained many valuable physical evidence. At the same time, in the strong support of Nanjing Station, we launched the people’s inspection and expulsion issues, and mobilized the problem of issues. Soon there was a staff member of 8 bank shops to visit the project to find the project, and explained his thieves. Subsequently, the investigator also conducted a lot of more than 100 employees in the entire labra car, and heard more than 10 employees in this workshop had varying degrees of stealing items.

After analysis, 8 people came from the first person “happened” and Chen 40 into the same team, and the world has such a smart, and these 8 people are “unconsciously” not asked “to clear their own relationships, I have repeatedly said that I have no relationship with Chen 40, so that there is no silver three hundred two policemen who can’t see the police uniform.

In the 1990s, Nanjing Station Station

In view of this, the task force rapidly developed the next action strategy: first expand the peripheral investigation, follow the existing clues, especially the use of Chen 40% and the external news, the truth, such as the psychology of the needle felt, looking for breakthroughs .

After research, the task force selected the eight-year-old self-cultivated Chen 40% of the classrooms of the classroom, Jia Zhenglin, and Zhang Jianping, a breakthrough point. The main reason is that the two people are afraid of people, and the performance of the line is still, and it breaks through the difficulty.

At the beginning, he also held calm when he asked Jia Zhenglin, only recognized that he had steals the cigarette in the bag, but others did not do it, and he didn’t know. At this time, the pre-trial suddenly asked “What is the piercing jacket, the electric shaver is going?”

Jia Zhenglin listened to a clear glimpse, and didn’t wait for him to answer. The pre-auditors threw a series of evidence from the peripheral investigation, including the time, location and relationships clearly understood, Jia Zhenglinton panic, I thought that Chen 40 was all over. Just as Jia Zhenglin Liu Ning did not Lord, the pre-judge also pointed at a Casio quartz table in Jia Zhenglin’s hand: “Where is your table?”


“where did you buy it?”


“In the new street.”

“Which store in Xinjiekou?”

(Herd of a long time) “New Hundred (Xinjiekou Department Store)”.

Xinjiekou Department Store

“how much?”


“Can not remember.”

“What time is it bought?”

“October 1989.”


“You have forgotten the price this table for half a year? Good health!”



“Jia Zhenglin, tell you, we have been investigated, this listing of Nanjing market is not sold at all, don’t you be smart?”


Jia Zhenglin sighed, put the watch with the watch from the wrist, “Okay, I said, this form is stealing foreign 佬.”

After 10 hours of trial, Jia Zhenglin successively explained the battery car driver since 1987, Zhang Jianping, Pang Zunxiang, loading and unloading workers, Du Wutin, Chen Shengcheng, Dong Zhengxi, etc., the opportunity to use night shift, stealing clothing, watch in foreign affairs bags, watch , Criminal facts of items such as radio, video recorders, tape, tape, camera, film, etc. According to Jia Zhenglin’s explanation, he is afraid of these things at home since the Nanjing Station Start University, and these things will be transferred to Zhenjiang Dandies’ father-in-law and wife units and other four places. Subsequent task groups from Jia Zhenglin, the two-parallel imported travel shoes, two-piece leather jacket, 12 rolls of Fuji brand, three nylon fold umbrellas. In order to shock those accomplices, let other accomplices as soon as possible, the task force deliberately put Jia Zhenglin that has already explained the problem back to the team, and Zhang Jianping, refused to explain.

Old photos, railway station loading and unloading (not related to this case, but can reflect the appearance of the unloading of the case)

The move caused a huge response, exposed and reported in the Nanjing station chartered, and the driver of the Nanjing Station will be sent to the police station. The facts involving his criminal. This criminal gang’s “attack and defensive alliance” was shocked.

At this critical moment, the task force in the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Shanghai Railway Bureau Court, and the support of the Nanjing station under the staff of Nanjing Station, further set off the climax of the report. Under the huge deterrence of the people’s war, Du Fenglin and Dong Jizi were forced to go to the police station, but tried to lose the car in the process of accepting the trial, and unwilling to completely explain the crime.

Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau

However, at this time, Chen 40%, Zhang Jianping, Du Fenglin, Dong Zhengxi, the dead is already strong, and it is not supported for too long. In the end, the psychological defense was collapsed under Jia Zhenglin and Pang Zuixiang, and the respective crimes were successively included.


When they found that the foreign consignment is generally unlocked, she feels that the organic can be multiplied. Beginning only a cigarette in a single sneak in the package, gradually developed to the machine to use the night shift, pulling the foreign-foreign lines into the kernel, then take the required, and invade. After the crime, the booty can hide it on the body, and if you hide it in the toolbox hidden in the battery car, pull the row to the baggage room. In this way, in the two years, this gang has a total of 121 cases, and the body has a total of 121 species and 684 pieces.

In the chasing, the task force has also been greatly resistant. The reason is that after the Nanjing Station Outlet, the gang member is like the bird of the battle, and the stolen goods will be transferred, some buried underground, some hidden in the countryside, some hidden in relatives, some are simply giving people, this is responsible for chasing The task members have brought great challenges. The family members of the criminals who hold the booties or those who don’t know if they don’t know, or for the mentality of the food, often make the dried police officers, and enter the Valley.

In view of this, the police of the chasing group adopted the first gift back to the military, I didn’t cooperate with the people who launched the surrounding people to persuade, if they didn’t say that it was strictly warned that their behavior is suspected of harbor stabilies, it is illegal, if they refuse to cooperate with the police The right to enforce measures while launching the surrounding people’s prosecution revealing the hiding place. Finally, Chen 40%, Zhang Jianping, Du Fenglin, Dong Jincheng, and Pang Zhaoxiang, will be played in the specified time.

After the potential, the Nanjing Railway Public Security was once in the court and the procuratory, the Nanjing station held a full staff meeting in Nanjing, announced that Chen 40%, Zhang Jianping, Du Fenglin, Dong Zhengxi and Pang Zhaoxiang have officially approved the arrest of theft (according to “criminal law “In the case of theft, the circumstances are particularly serious, the amount is particularly huge, and it is more than 10 years of imprisonment or life imprisonment. People do not arrest, only the decision of administrative punishment. The enthusiasm of the cadres employee was once again dug, and 33 criminals including Wang Jinde, including the aft of domestic bank bags, according to the aim of theft, and complimentated guilty of criminals, arrest, review, detention, and enthusiasm, etc. Different processing. Take a total of more than 12,000 in Nanjing Station in Nanjing Station, a total of more than 12,000 hidden cases, and a total of more than 40,000 yuan, and a large shock of the activities in Nanjing Station and the surrounding area. They were forced to stop activities for a long time, which greatly improved the security environment of Nanjing Station.