Belt and rod module core superior shortcomings

Belt linear module

The belt linear module is mainly composed of straps, linear rails, aluminum alloy profiles, coupling, motor, switch and other parts, full enclosed and semi-closed, core characteristics fast, long.

Sail rod linear module

The wire rod linear module mainly has a ball screw, a linear guide, an aluminum alloy profile, a coupling, a motor, etc., Has a fully enclosed and semi-closed, easy to facilitate maintenance. The core features are high precision.

Two different linear modules, because the specifications are different, so the comparison of speeds lose meaning. Many factors will affect, speed, stroke, longer, the longer the trip, the smaller the maximum speed; the width of the module;


The machining process and precision of the screw, etc., focusing on the maximum speed when choosing a module for the equipment, which is related to the production efficiency of the device.

The belt module is large than the ball screw, but the belt module can only be used in the x-axis, while the screw module can be used in the Z-axis.

And the load is different, and the load of the belt module is generally 10 kg.


The maximum difference between the belt linear module and the wire rod linear module is the accuracy, and the corresponding price is large.

The belt module is suitable for applications where the accuracy requirements are not high, and the screw module is suitable for applications with high precision requirements.

If you are not high for accuracy, use a belt module to