Trendy underwear brand large inventory, these 6 stylish and comfortable

As a close-fitting clothing, it is important to change it, but many boys are reluctant to replace because “the underwear is too difficult to conquer”. In fact, choose the underwear and easily conquer.


Next, recommend 6 trendy underwear brands, design fashion, comfort, breathable, self-use or delivery is a good choice.


Comprehensive score 86


The banana has been a representative brand of the rise of local brands in recent years. Since its inception in 2016, it has maintained a surprising industry growth rate, and its sales have grown more than 100% for three consecutive years. Compare some traditional underwear brands, there is a strong online channel in the banana.


The underwear is mainly divided into three series: 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, corresponding to low, medium and high-grade product lines, the higher the positioning, the more the materials are more. 3 Series is entry-level products, mainly based on comfort, parity foundation, cost-effective. 5 is a backbone product line, the underwear is all the classic models, the material is better than 3 series, the fabric boss is more than 60 and 80, with no trace of belt and trousers, and the comfort is high. 7 series fabric is more advanced, such as Egyptian longweed cotton, silk, etc. In addition, there is a migration series, the underwear product, the underwear product, and the ability to absorb resiliency.

The banana underwear is all used in the dark, replaced the traditional sewing label, the skin is more comfortable, and is favored by young people. More than 2 packs, 3 packages, 3 series price is most affordable, single price is about 30 yuan, 5 series unit price is about 50 yuan, 7 series price is higher, single underwear price is 60-120 yuan.


Comprehensive score 85

A-DAM Underwear


Found in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in the Netherlands, French Cannes advertising creatives and first-line luxury men’s clothing management teams, currently selling 25 countries around the world, popular fashion circles. The product is positioned in the middle and high-end, focusing on the stylish young underwear market, the price of the underwear is around 160 yuan, the main fashion is environmentally friendly, comfortable and light, the current product line cover organic cotton stepped pants, Alo House pants, beach swimming trunks, fashion Medium stockings, etc.

In order to pursue a more extreme comfort, A-DAM underwear has 8-piece stereo stitching, and the package is comfortable. Its materials are EU GOTS certified organic cotton, soft and breathable, and in line with environmental trends in recent years. A-DAM’s belt of each panties has a exclusive embroidery, adding a lot of 昧 气.

A-DAM is particularly paying attention to its product, the overall use of color is bold, the men’s underwear is basically all the theme prints, and more gift box packaging. The IP joint series is a hot sale, such as astronaut gift boxes, Schorem joint names, etc., don’t have a feature in packaging design. Also launched the boyfriend gift box products to meet the needs of female users.


Comprehensive rating 77



There is a tree brand from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, has been established for 4 years. It has accumulated millions of fans in the e-commerce platform. The product line covers underwear, home service, socks, etc. Emphasize the comfort and cost performance of clothes wearing.


The bills launched by men’s underwear are basically a flat-strand underwear, the wrap and breathable are strong than the triangular underwear. At the same time, it can reduce the friction of the inside of the thigh, which is conducive to maintaining the temperature of the private parts, very suitable for the long-lasting office worker. . Use more Moradi color in design, and the overall view is low-key instead.

The fabric uses environmentally friendly printing and dyeing techniques, the color is stable and is not easy to fade; basic cotton and modal, mix 5% to 20% of the amnesants, so that the panties are elastic, not easily deformed. Some men’s underwear increase the space of the crotch, the maximum size of XXXL, the body fatigue can also buy it with confidence. Usually 3 packs, the price is about 70 yuan, and the price is good.


Comprehensive rating 76


Found in Shanghai in 2014, focusing on the field of men’s underwear, paying attention to the fashion design of the product, in which men’s underwear is the core. As visual marketing, in 2016chic Spring China International Clothing Apparel Expo, there is a joint style with a young popular IP with the Futuring, sweet Xiyou, the old man, and the uncle Uncle.

The biggest feature of this brand is the richness of the pattern, with the pattern design of the eyeball, attracting many young people to buy. The hot sale of men’s underwear is the farter Junliang unparallel, the whole underwear is filled with a pink butturel pattern, the fish is full, the fabric uses high-quality modal, soft skin, belt is a skinless design It is not easy to generate traids, there is quite good elasticity and gas permeability.


In addition to the style of the full print pattern, Mon2Fri underwear is designed to be in the crotch, buttocks, add more fun to panties, suitable for pursuit of fresh Z generation young people. In addition, MON2FRI’s many hot underwear has launched a couple’s models, exquisite packaging, very suitable for gifts.


Comprehensive score 75

Inside the blue

Founded in Shanghai, it is a men’s underwear brand that focuses on the needs of Asian women. It is committed to bringing “science and technology comfort” to the private panties. Purchase channels are mainly online, selling with multiple containers, high cost, 3 packages price is around 120 yuan.

Most men’s underwear on the market are designed according to standard size. For many non-standard people, there is a big difficulty in picking a comfortable and close underwear. The blue is to see this user’s pain point. The original nine-per-measurement method is created through the large database of Asian men’s body. Demand.

Its star product “big v pants”, for the body’s abdominal muscle group and its easy-to-accumulate characteristics, innovatively designed V-belt, high-elastic soft material, and more fit body shape. Another hot product start pants, doing small-on-puzzles in the legs legs, to solve the legs of legs of the legs, improve comfort. Some underwear use Perfect-Fit hot stickers, use high temperatures to connect the fabric, there is no obvious seam of the surface, which can bring comfortable and seamless wear.


Comprehensive rating 74

Hankow house

At first glance, it is a Japanese brand, in fact, it is a Shandong brand found in 2011. As China’s first parent-body fabric collection store, Hankow house pays attention to providing high quality parent-based experience, main sales include socks, home service, underwear, accessories, etc., product is positioned as a young consumer group aged 15-35, currently The store has exceeded 600.

Men’s underwear is one of the small categories, which is designed to be simple, mainly with solid color flat ends, and pay attention to the comfort of the product. More use of the high-branch modal fabric, the more the number of points, the more the hand, and some of the models have even reached a rare 120, plus a small amount of spandex blending, soft feeling and weak. The panties front pocket bag is a U-shaped convex, combined with the two-way interleaving process, the private parts are large and breathable, and the integrated seamless tailor is made smoother.

Underwear online next door store and online flagship store Synchronous sales, single price is more than 79 or 99 yuan, 3 packages are around 140 yuan, during the e-commerce promotion, there are more preferential activities.