National Day holiday, wear “light jewelry” to play!

Tomorrow is the eleventh holiday, in the autumn and cool weather, I want many people to have a plan. If you want to get the most beautiful shape in the journey, the jewelry is certainly essential. But the journey is suitable for lightly, so those “light jewels” that simple and easy to wear are more appropriate.

Today, the Baojie starts from the three types of tourist destinations, and it is the most practical “light jewelry” for everyone.


Clear, crystal ornament

Enjoy the beach cool


Recommended: jade, colorful crystal, exaggerated ornaments


Although it has been entered, the South is still sold by the sea city, let alone some coastal Southeast Asian countries. The beach is obviously still choosing to choose the cool trip.


On the blue sea, or when playing in the golden beach, there is only a swim and accessories on the woman’s body, so this time the jewelry should choose Blingbling to shine, pure colorful ornaments.

The crystal clear crystal is pure and clear, suitable for matching all kinds of gentle textured beach towels. Low-key luxury, although it is not unsupported, but the light is concealed. When the sun is reflected on the above, even if the distance is far from the distance, it can give a hints.

Jade is also a good choice, elegant and noble, also brings a cool touch. Exquisite Colored Big Earrings and Big Bracelets are the most popular style on the beach.

It should be noted that although the bikini can reveal the beauty of a woman, for a perfect girl with a chest, this should wear an exaggerated big pendant necklace, transfer people’s attention to the necklace. The better the color, the better the decorative effect and the line transfer effect.

National, retro jewelry

Accompany you slowly visit the ancient town

Recommended: wooden, 砗磲, national wind and jewelry


Unlike the resort of the seaside, to the old city of the ancient town, the cultural charm is soft, hidden, elegant, and low-key is the topic of this trip. Retro jewelry and jewelry with nationally atmosphere are the first choice for this trip.

Quiet ancient city ancient town, mysterious historical exploration, let this travel full of power, wood and vine grass from natural ancient materials to people, is made The light bracelet is elegant, highlighting the temperament; the bronze jewelery of the colorful gem is very ethnic style, although it is not high, but there is a graceful royal family feel. These raw materials and the retro-style jewelery seem to bring people into the ancient times, let you more classically the temperament. More time to go to this destination tour is to understand and explore, the wild style is best for this type of walk, which can meet the needs of the taking pictures, but also want to change.

Simple, textured ornament


With you challenge outdoor sports

Recommended: platinum, diamond, resin jewelry

Outdoor mountaineering, or adventure is a very sports and challenging trip. This kind of leisure time chooses to wear the jewelry style to be simple, do not need too much decoration, or will match the sports style.

Simple is not simple, focusing on designing, with nature creatures, flowers or small animals are leisure accessories favorite theme, unique single diamond and semi-trend jewelry, plus imaginative creative models to add trips to add Many surprises.


Simple platinum jewelery is complemented by the casual clothing, and it is moving out of a different taste. Colorful resin bracelet is also optional, it is not only given to your travel, but also lightweight, no burden.

Outdoor activities need to be hiped long time, exaggerated jewelry is extremely unsuitable, not only wearing a long time, will cause the body to give the body, but also have some Gege in the environment. Simple precious metal jewelry is the best choice at this time.