Korean girl street shoot, trendy autumn and winter coat, worth learning

Some people pay more attention to the stylish, but after the winter, we have a warmth, any matching needs to be on the basis of warmth. Want to be thin and fashionable, very warm, must be a classic and advanced coat, coats often bring more surprises.


Especially in the past two years, the Korean style coat wear is elegant, wearing a heroine of Korean drama. When I was falling in winter, I walked in the street and more atmosphere, how did the Korean style coat? What is it?

First, the principle of the choice of coat

1, the choice of style

The same type of clothes will have different styles. In the past two years, there is a h version or loose version of the coat, which can be selected according to the individual’s body. Most ordinary people are more suitable for H version and loose layers. If it is a chubby girl, it is not recommended to choose a coat, because the upper body will be parenthery, it seems fat.

2, color choice

Most of the color of the Korean style coat is classic, almost everyone can easily control. If compared from the detail, it is based on the skin color. Asian needs to avoid fluorescent colors, almost other colors can be controlled well.

If a girl belonging to the yellow skin, it is recommended to choose a little bit of neutral color and color, and can form a gap in the skin, which will show a certain advantage of the skin, which is both simple atmosphere and is clean.

3, the length of the length

For many small sons, although winter is very wanting to wear coats, it is always because of the height problem. Most of the coats are dominated by long paragraphs. For small children, the length control is not too short within a certain range, try not to choose the length of the card in the middle.


Choose a knee 3 to 5 cm, don’t try to wear the length of the big ankle, there is no certain height and the gas field can’t control it. Moreover, Han Xin style is simple, clean and profit, for a small child, wearing the length of the ankle will appear the whole person.

Second, South Korea’s trendy street shooting skills demonstration


1. Create a tight contrast matching method

From the streets of Korean girls, they can feel that the version of the coat is relatively loose, but will not give people a feeling, but it is to show the atmosphere brought by relaxation, wearing a gas field on the body. advanced. This is because the coat uses the loose and other items of the coat, which forms a contrast between the tightness.


For example: black coat + tight sweater


In this group, it is the most basic black coat, and the whole clothes are treated. There is a proper looseness. The choice of sweaters use micro-loose, some tight design, and has a distinct contrast between coats. Combine.


Among the Korean style, the most typical coat mating mode is 2 to 3 pieces of superposition. The stacked manner has good practicality in winter, and it can make the whole shape enrichment. But pay attention to the level, superimpose the choice of single product style and color.


For example: three layers

When the three-layer superposition method is selected, the degree of coincidence between the neckline must be controlled, and the grip element is very characteristic. You can also try the easiest-based gray grille, match the sweater of the bottom and round neck, which is more simple and easy to make mistakes. The coat is equipped with high collar bottoming and shirts that also belong to the comparative style, while the rightmost match is available in three layers, and it is very personal with long shirts.

3, wear scarf increase highlight


I believe that whenever they snow in winter, many people will remember the “soft god”, in this drama, the heroine often wears a red knitted scarf. Scarves can become a bright spot in the overall shape, select the same color or collision, can have a layer of feelings and colors.


For example: flower color scarf

The pattern-free scarf can wear a retro style, especially when the dark jacket is mixed, and together with solid color, simple and advanced. When it is more cold, the warm effect is also very good, there is a lazy style, and the exquisiteness of women.

In the autumn and winter season, it is a self-contained gas field, and the coat itself can match a variety of style, the Korean style is very suitable for a temperament and gentle girl.