Wear the beauty fan, the latest spring Korean shirt

Lace-based print flower lotus shirt

The race of temperament is decorated, which can be used as a bow, more sweet and cute, long sleeves, tightening cuffs, steady convergence, chest and sleeve lotus, ladies temperament


Spring and autumn long sleeve bottom long sleeve shirt


Library to fit the style, the gentle and gentle lapel design, three-dimensional, simple and generous, simple solid color design, create fashionable ladies temperament

New slim solid color strap shirt


Homotive generous stand-collar design, simple and well-behaved, long sleeves, one tablet buckle, simple, single-row buckle, convenient to wear, curved clothing, gentle and soft

New student lines long-sleeved shirts


Fashion elegant double-layer lapel, necklace collision velvet tape decoration, more stylish, collar sewing contrast tape, you can play bow, aged sweet


Korean version of the wood ear

Fashion simple collar design, implicit, release female handsome, long-sleeved sleeve long, one buckle, cuffs and collar wood-ears stitching design, good and cute, then single-breasted door, Convenient

New Lace Han Fan Lace Shirt

Sweet fungus, small collar, well-behaved age, lace sleeve design, generous, minimalist style, sweet college wild


College Feng Princess Fan Xiangweng Shirt

The race of temperament, collar wood ear splicing, collision-tape design, graceful age, sweet bubble sleeve long sleeve, pleated speaker cuff

Spring Korean loose plaid shirt

Classic colored plaid pattern, classic generous, youth, casual, curved clothing, gentle, fashion, design, very design


Leisure and loose Korean long sleeve shirt


Fashion collision vertical stripe printing, concise practice, wild style, stand-collar part of the style, free to match the pants or half-length skirts are very good.


Loose thin wild plaid shirt

A very loose lattice shirt, the fabric is smooth, two colors can be selected, the youth is beautiful, the wide sleeves and curved hollanding are designed, and the leisure is lazy. It is the first choice for youth age.