Korean version of women’s low help cute cartoon canvas shoes, refreshing and comfortable in golden autumn!

To be the most comfortable wild, absolutely non-canvas shoes, let’s introduce you, the latest Korean version of the low-top canvas shoes ~ cute cartoon pattern, take you to re-feel the atmosphere.

Cartoon Mickey Head Canvas Shoes

Korean version of the low-top card Tongmi head canvas shoes, use high-quality denim canvas fabric, wearing breathable, smashed metal-lusted Mickey head pattern, adding a love aged breath to the shoes.

Cartoon print low canvas shoes


Cartoon printing low canvas shoes, two boys and girls wearing panda clothing, cute, is really super cute, wearing eye wear on your feet.

Embroidery cat, low canvas shoes


This Korean version of the low-cost canvas shoes, embroidery design cat patterns, live flexible, special cute, cartoon dream background, more cute.

Cartoon big white low canvas shoes


This year, a cartoon character, Mengmeng’s big white is particularly like, the canvas shoes are designed, wearing super convenient, specially designed for lazy men.


Cartoon Mickey low canvas shoes

A Korean version of the Korean version of the college, the low-top design, let you wear a very comfortable, cute cartoon Miqi pattern, always a classic!



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