Office drinking tea, common two kinds of tea sets, glass with waves, how to choose?

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At the end of the year, work is particularly busy.

Bubble on a white tea, in the tea fragrant, get it, the obstacle break.

There is a tea friend asked: “Why don’t I drink tea? Is there anything to have?”

It is obviously good tea, but it can’t make good taste, which is obviously a problem in brewing.

“I like your house for a long time, but the key is to have, but it can be used in the office.” Tea friend said.

It is true that there is still different places where home and work.

On the tea table in the home, the tea’s appliance is complete, but in the station’s station, it is still simple.

If it is a tea tray, a fair cup, a bowl, and a cup, etc., it will lead to excessive attention of colleagues.


In this case, some convenient tea sets in some use, replacing the cover, exercising the role of brewing tea.




Glass is in life, the most frequent tea sets.

In addition to using tea, drinking water, drinking drink, it is less.

And, the glass is low enough, and the office is almost one, and it is not compelling at all.

In addition to the most common straight glass, there is a glass with a handle, it can prevent the hand from being hot when picked up the cup.


And the mug, with a cover that can take away drinking accompanying cups and the extension of the glass.



The floating cup is also common in the office.

It is mainly composed of three parts, an outer cup, a liner, and a cover.

Three parts can be spliced ​​together, and it is very convenient to carry it.

The original intention of the floating cup design is to make it easy for young people, as well as foreign friends, which can use tea sets for tea, so it is also very convenient to use the cups in use.

Put the tea into liner, inject boiling water, cover the cover, then press the connection liner button, the tea will exhibit columnar water below the inner, fall below the outer cup to achieve tea separation.

Compared with the ring wall of the cover, it can be said that it is much simpler than the fast water.



Fibrilize white tea with glass and floating glass

When using a glass brewing white tea, it is necessary to pay attention to the state of the tea and water, which is always in contact with each other.

Therefore, it is necessary to adjust in the choice of tea.

1-1.5 grams of dry tea, with 200 ml boiling water, it is sufficient.

However, when you take tea, pay attention to the more complete white tea as much as possible.

Like a tea of ​​white tea, because of the high dryness, the strip is relatively free, there is a brown and blades, it is easy to generate crushing.

After these broken tea, in the process of brewing, the inner precipitation will become very fast.

Excessive release in a short period of time, such as coffee base and tea polyphenol, etc., it will make the pain of soup are very obvious, so the tea soup is too bitter.

And, try to drink a beautiful taste in white tea as much as possible.

Water in brewing, you can’t pay attention.

For example, a lot of tea friends are used to brewing overrides with a glass cup.

This good tea is used in brewing, it is a few dollars a ton of tap water.

After the tap water, some chemicals may remain residual, which will affect the release of the tea in the tea, which is unfavorable to the taste.

Even with a glass of white tea, don’t hold the thoughts of breaking the tank, at least use pure water to brew, so as not to cover the flavor.

On the sputum, the glass brewed white tea, when drinking two or three, you need to change the tea.

As for the wafer in brewing, the tea is not fixed.

So every time a brewed, the presentation of tea tastes may change.

When the tea friends are in brewing, they can adjust according to their own taste.

When drinking tea, in order to be healthy, the tea should be less suitable, so as not to make a strong tea.


The floating glass can be separated by tea, so on the sputum, it is slightly more than the glass that is buddled than the glass such that the tea is in contact with the water.

However, due to the water of the glass, there is no way to completely separate the tea and water, so at some extent, it will still cause a boring mug.

The last time, there is no deserted tea soup, continue to react with the inner wee, precipitated from the second rush, and the tea is still a bitter taste.


Glass care attention to white tea

The glass is extremely easy to leave fingerprints, or stains, it must be fully washed it before use.

And, before brew, I have to heat the pot temperature cup and wash the taste of the water to clean.

In brewing, if a straight glass glass is used, remember not to be too full, so that you will take it later.

In drinking time limit, I have to remember to drink as soon as possible, otherwise the tea is constantly contacted, endoplasmic precipitation, and the taste of tea soup will change.

Especially in winter, tea soup is cool, if there is no one-time drink, tea soup after getting cold, don’t continue to drink, so as not to stimulate the stomach.

As for the wafer, there are plastic parts (lids and liner) on the material, so they must pay attention to the choice when purchasing.


The logo on the plastic product must be used in high temperature to avoid remindering some bad substances.

The floating cup has the mesh. After use, it must be cleaned in time to avoid the accumulation of tea on the net, affecting beautiful and hygiene.



Meng Ziyun, fish and bear’s pauses are not good, and they will take the bear’s head.

Glass and floating glass brewing white tea, it is not the best choice.

But the environment is caused, which is also a result.

In the work of the work, it can be separated from a small space with the tea in the past, and it will breathe.

This is also in ordinary life, poems and distant.

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