Nursing report | Olio biscuits, a “double standard”, really vs. VS can be largely different

Chocolate flavors are not necessarily true chocolate production. Dunctuated can cocoa-fat chocolate, even there is no authentic, all-in-the-cell bullets are largely covered by the biscuit snacks.


Although the cocoa butter has the cost advantage that may only be able to have a five-fifth price, it is easy to cause health problems such as indigestion, arteriosclerosis, and it is not due to the trans fatty acid ≤ 0.3. It is neglected.

Olio “double standard”, more fun, Yikou Lotus is affected by the Yudo Group, a cocoa-controlled controversial use “hardest hit area”

Recently, Haagen-Dazhe is selling a Mid-Autumn moon cake ice cream expression “chocolate skin”, but actually uses a canable briquette, which is sentenced to violate the “advertising” a ticket for 10,000 yuan. The financial network is based on the e-commerce platform and the online business super search found that there is not an example in which the use of a canable brown chocolate confusing true chocolate is not an example.


Classification of attitudes used in the industry’s use of cocoa-adipipate chocolate, can be roughly divided into four categories. The first category, that is, the product that does not use a cocoa butter, and even discloses the use of the product, the main representative is a new and old brand such as daily box, Nestlé Qixiai. The former is open to the online highlights yourself “rich silk … refuse to cocoa … It can be, not afraid of fat.” The latter mention “good chocolate on the online product details” … I only use natural cocoa. The liquid block and cocoa butter are more pure, 0 generation can be cocoa butter. “Financial network has been found that Nestlé Qiqiao will, although the crispy shark is not” high-profile “propaganda, actually only uses a cocoa block. ,Coco fat.

The second class is “double signature”. Including the same brand of different types of products, sometimes fully useful, sometimes doped or only used can be cocoa. Typical is Olove and Gaoli.

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Comparative Finance and Net Basis has found that Olyight sandwich cookies use cocoa as a chocolate source. However, the first place in which the ingredients of the hydraulic product ingredients are active, and the seventh bit is a cocoa-fat white chocolate. Secondly, it is cocoa powder. Under this condition, the slogan of the warranty product still highlights “select imported cocoa powder”, “rich chocolate coating”, giving people a very realistic look.

Image Source: Gaol High Line Store and Finance News

Similar to it, Gaul High can be dusted to be auxiliary bits. However, the ingredients of their solid food roll core are active cocoa-fat chocolate. And its outer packaging nominal chocolate flavor coating cake.

Image Source: Financial Network taken in famous excellent products, no prints and convenience stores

The third category of the cocoa butter controversy is that the sources of chocolate taste are not really true, and it is completely available. At this level, the Yikkai Lotus chocolate with Olio is sandwiched, and the slogan writes, “feel the cocoa flavor from the wonderful card chocolate.” But the ingredient table is not really true. In addition, the chocolate flavors of the non-printed cotton candy, Master Kong Chocolate taste, Dali Garden (chocolate flavor), is also only used in cocoa. Chocolate.

The fourth type of product is slightly similar to the second “double signature” – in the same product, it can be used, and can also be used. Typically, there are a lot of interesting groups of Yizhang Group. The former said in the slogan “large block chocolate beans, concentrate more enjoyable.” But the actual ingredient called “crispy cookie concentrated chocolate flavor”, ranking second, is a substituteable grease chocolate particles. The sixth place is cocoa powder.

Conducting excellent heart cookie, focusing on “using Malaysian cocoa powder”, but according to the amount of adding amount from high to low sorting, it is actually two positions of cocoa powder. Paragrassing lava Crate is also similar: The first place in the ingredient is a cocoa butter dark chocolate, and the fourth place is cocoa powder. The good Coordination ring, also emphasized that he was selected from high quality cocoa, but the cocoa ranking in the ingredient form was fifth and the first bit was a canongeic chocolate.

The cocoa butter cost is slightly low, but it is easy to cause arteriosclerosis.

What is the “hanging sheep selling dog meat”? Zhong Kai, director of the CCIFC Food and Health Information Exchange Center, told the Finance and Net, which is really better than that can be “expensive, more than 5 times”. Zhu Hong, an Agricultural Rural Department Food and Nutrition Development Institute, also expressed its low to financial network, and the cocoa-free cost is lower than that of natural cocoa. It is just approaching natural cocoa butter on physical properties. In addition, it is prone to indigestion, which causes adverse effects such as arteriosclerosis.

“Hydrogenated vegetable oil is the main process of the production of cocoa butter, and the hydrogenation is indeed produced trans fatty acids. According to the” Food Safety National Standard Pre-Package Food Nutrition Label General “(GB 28050-2011), as long as the trans fatty acid content is 0.3 It can be claimed to be or without trans fatty acids within%. “Zhu Hong introduced.

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In other words, there are many products that use cocoa butter. Even if the outer packaging labeling trans fatty acid is 0, it is not necessarily true 0.

Of course, there are also food companies to talk to financial networks. At present, there have been a company to master a good grease raw material process, which can be well controlled within a limited range of trans fatty acids. “

“The Suggestions of the World Health Organization is that the heat from the trans fatty acid does not exceed 1% of the total amount of food (substantially equivalent to 2 grams).” Zhu Hong told financial network.


However, trans fatty acids are often alternative to cocoa. Financial network has noticed a chocolate flavored biscuits in the paralysis, and there is a “rare” in the ingredients. “The end of the plant is sugar or syrup, edible grease, etc. is the main raw material, add or does not add food raw materials and food additives such as milk or dairy products. The role includes the whitening of beverages, improved taste, and the like. The content is also related to its hydrogenation process. “Zhu Hong introduced.

Financial Net products will be connected to Yizhao Groups and Baise Task, which is the need for use and propaganda disputes on the use of fat and plant fat, but all of them have obtained substantial repositories.

Haagen-Dazs “soldiers defeated” in front, the snack giants are also risks.

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