They greet the sunshine in the morning, and they have issued a vow.

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Centennial Party, Fenghua Zhengmao!

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China! On this occasion, the People’s Liberation Army newspaper WeChat “turn off the light” specially launched the “Centennial Party Shi Tang” column, telling the red classic, promoting the spirit of the ancestors.

About the author: Tian Guohao, the article is the 115th Division of the Eighth Route Army.


Generous Sorrows on the Battlefield | Sanyuan Swearing

■ Tian Guohao

Eighth Route Warrior fighting on the frontier position. The picture is published in “Sparks”

The sound of the Lugou Bridge vibrates the whole country, and also shakes all the Red Army Warriors in Tension.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party issued power to the whole country: Pingjin is critical! North China is critical! The Chinese nation is critical!

The Red Army will lead the Nanjing government: willing to adapt the Red Army as the National Revolutionary Army, go to the anti-Japanese front line!

newspaper! Extra! Big words! Red word! A stinging person. The news is tense than one day:

“Guan Dongjun’s ten train source entered the customs!”

“Tianjin was fried, the station has been occupied by the Japanese army!”

“The Japanese army breebs Nanyuan, Beiping four doors!”


The comrades were filled with their chest, and they were filled with indignation. Every day, they brought to the company, the camp, the group, and asked: “When is it going to the front line?” Please let the book, guarantee, determined to fly to the commander In your hand, you signed a name in each side.

In July, the sun is hot, and the weather is bored. Everyone’s heart is like burning a fire – hate can’t be opened to the front line, and the Japanese army will finally fight! In order to defend the land, the last drop of blood! However, the Nanjing government will not be determined to fight against the anti-Japanese war. Everyone is in a hurry.

One day in August, we are training on the court, and suddenly the group and political commissar rapids, while running, shouting us: “Good news! Quick collection!”

Everyone is standing soon.

He said: “Well! Just received the order of the superior, will be adapted tomorrow, we will open the front line soon!”

The voice just fell, I saw the full range of guns such as Lin, the knife flashed, cheers like a thunder.

Early morning, the sun is like a grate in a spacious ground array, waiting for review. Red flag flying, military number crisp, good fortune! After a password of “Zhengzheng”, several heads came from one end of the team. In addition to the head of the teacher, there is also comrades of the headquarters chief Ye Jianying. Before the heads went to our team, we were more energetic and stand upright. The head of the division read the adaptation command, and then led us solemnly oath:

“Japanese imperialism is the dead enemy of the Chinese nation. It is going to die, destroy my race, for the nation, for the country, for the sake of the children, for the descendants, we have resolutely resist the war!

“In order to fight against Japan, we have struggled for six years. Now the national united front has been successful. We renamed the National Revolutionary Army, and we must strictly abide by the discipline, bravely fight, do not drive Japanese robbers out of China, do not The traitor is completely clear, and you can’t go home!

“We are workers and farmers, do not infringe on a first-line, replacement of the people, to be faithful to the revolution. If violates the interests of national interests, willing to be submitted by the revolutionary discipline and accusation …”

The vow is shocked in the wilderness of the morning.

Ohasia excited with the heart of the warrior. The vow is also excited to thousands of anti-Japanese people. They gathered around the venue, witnessing this moving heart spleen swearing scene, and can’t help but waving the fist and the colorful flag in your hand, he is highly speaking slogan. For a while, the snoring of comrades and the masses made a huge sound:

“Down to Japan Imperialism!”


“You don’t want to die!”


“In order to defend the land of the land!”

“Put the invaders out of China!”

(This article is selected from “Sparkling Shuiyuan”, slightly deleted; “Xinghuo Yuanyuan” is Mao Zedong’s title, Zhu Deji, countless revolutionary predecessors with blood and life written red classic, vividly reproduce a strong, earth-shattering revolutionary story, Carrying my party’s genetics of our army, contains great revolutionary spirit.)

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