Small cold health: the earth is cold to the deep, and the shoulder neck

On January 5, 2018, the Lunar New Year’s November 19 is Xiaohan, this is the twenty-four holiday in the twenty-four air, the sun is 285 °, marking the coldest day in the year.

“Monthly seventy-two intentions”: “December, the first half of the month is small, so the cloud. The month is big.” The ancients believed that the cold air was for a long time, the coldness was not extreme, hence the cold.

The farmer said that “Xiaoyan is cold, cold into a group”, and the image will illustrate the coldness of these two thrilling. Small cold, Chinese medicine, health, should follow the principle of cold and warmth.

Cold and warm

Xiao Hanqi, warm is the first esteem, especially for the shoulder neck, foot, etc. to be careful. Chinese medicine believes that “coldness is stagnant, hosted” Recurrence, segmental pain, cough, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc.


The old man should pay attention to ventilation while keeping warm. There is a “winter wear cotton cap, such as wearing cotton jacket”, the head is particularly easy to be cold, and long-lasting disease occurs, so pay attention to the warmth of the head.

Exercise properly

Dianyu: “Winter moves, there is a disease; winter is lazy, drink more medicine.” Xiao Hanqi is a good time to strengthen exercise and improve physical fitness. But the exercise should also be moderate, step by step, don’t practice the sweat; the clothes are maintained, the color, soft, and the fit; it is best to pay attention to cold warm.

Because the weather is cold, the small cold season should not be too intense. Recommended rhythm relief, such as Tai Chi, jogging, walking, etc. Exercise time is suitable for an hour. It is recommended that the sun came out and moved.

Spiritual optimism

In terms of spiritual cultivation, try to keep it easy to optimize, don’t force fame and fortune, reasonably use the brain, always keep happiness, peace of mind, and feel fun in everyday life.

Warming moisturizing

Small cold, cold and frozen. Spleen is evil, the stomach is cold. Chinese medicine believes that the coldest fierce is the most fascinating period. The diet should be “warm” mainly, to defend against cold, you can eat more heat with high calorie, lamb, pork, etc., so you can strengthen the cold Invasion.

In addition, we can also eat more kelp, cabbage, leeks, sauce, red dates, radish and other foods, these things with meat, make nutritional intake is more reasonable. The little cold season is a good time to eat a spicy hot pot and red mutton. However, while “entering”, avoid overeating, and should be mainly mixed with qi.

Don’t blindly, according to the physical fitness, people who are qi deficiency in the qi deficiency, such as the sweating, mental fatigue, recommended red ginseng, red dates, Huai Mashan medicine, etc. Blood deficiency body is mainly bloody blood, such as ordinary prostitutes, palpitations, less meteasis, etc., use angelica, rehmannia, gelatin, etc. Yin deficiency body is mainly made up, such as night sweats, two cheeks, hands and feet, should be used in Cordyceps, white ginseng, sand ginseng, armor, white fungus, etc. Yang deficiency is mainly based on complement Yang, such as hands and feet, cold, backache, can use Eucommia, Cistanche, Basil, etc.

Small cold health should take kidney first. The Chinese Medicine has a year in the four seasons “Spring should be liver, Xia Cheng, long and summer should be the principle of the spleen, autumn should be lung and winter”. The small cold weather is most important to be cold. Everything is hidden, the cold is cold, and all the things are divided, and the sight of the depression. Human yang collects, blood, the skin is dense, the water is not able to vent, the gasification of the kidney, the bladder, the small part is turned to the liquid liquid, and most of them are in water, bet the bladder Urine, invisible to increase the burden on the kidney. Chinese medicine believes that “medicine food homology”, Chinese medicine also believes that grains can make up kidney, with “grain as charge, Wu fruit as raising”, usually take some kinds of kidney, nourishing food, people who are in sub-health Great.

In short, “Cold Coagland is cold to deep, Yan Chongyang upgraded the heart. At this time, slowly play the feather, the optimism, the anti-kidney cold. Warm food supplement is in three, the first Wu ejiao is returning to the ginseng. Ziyin Qianyang Liver blood, nourish the heart of the meat. “