Swimming, “strap pants”, in order to do sales and not lost women’s taste

Hi, here is set,

A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

From the west of the West


The popularity, once again in a new style appears in the population.

Modern strap pants have a change in the sky.

Some people don’t let go of it, but some people are not friendly, think that its “young” will make people feel special, but in fact, friends,

The trace pants is not equivalent to childish


Drops and conventional trousers


It is not just more than two bags, because it decides whether it is fashionable, there is a chest.

The chest is also called “meals”. Only the bag and chest choices can really interpret the charm of the tape pants, in order to make people feel that the age of age is not lost, what is called

Sexy ≠ naive


Everyone is

Pick with strap pants

When you want to put

Gravity on picking a bed

There are two kinds of comparison recommendations.

The first

Is very humanized


It can determine the length of the strap according to its own height and the weight itself, and it is easy to do without the cladding.



Be with

Metal button hanging strap pants

This style of strap pants can be weakened from the form of delicate and beautiful atmosphere, and they have just brought soft and soft belt.

How can I make these two strap pants to make a young but don’t make a childish?


We can depart from the single product color, for the vast majority of ordinary people, no matter whether you are a staff or a student, the most often selected trousers is

Foundation black and white gray

In this way, when choosing a strap trousers, use the low-key color to resolve the way of tenth pants is too young, practical and safe.

large area

Solid color back strand

Will give a particularly elegant feeling, whether warm tones are still cold, this advantage will exist.


If you want the overall style, you can top it.

Change on

, Tightly reveals the umbilical tape vest, conventional circular t-shirt, pure white abstinence shirt, gentle slim knocking is a style with a strong sense of powerful and unlocked.

When you choose a strap pants, you must pay attention to the looseness of the strap pants. If you don’t want to be mistaken, it is “silly girl into the city”, you must do not choose tight.

Tropical pants style

In order to maintain the bottom line of the adult, it is not recommended to choose a stylized pants with large card printing patterns or embroidery flowers. Minimalism will not only meet the clothes requirements and do not lose young beauty, natural and aggravation opportunities. To catch.


As a representative single product of young beauty, its advantages are also countless, and they will take the most basic.


For the honest version, the imposing fabric is easy to cover all the imperfections on the body, even if you are pregnant, it can still be your most loyal “partner”.

If you want me to recommend several fabrics that are best for your strand style,

Cowboy and tooling must be essential

, Strips and cotton can also try it.

If you want to increase the identity, you can use the classic strap pants.

Black and white five five-fifth grilled tape pants are preferred

The intronious vertical stripe strap trousers in the cultivation of the cultivation is followed.


If you are walking the road of the street hip hop, you can try the colors of the sprinkle of the fire, the colored spots and mixed colors, the effects of the upper body, the art, the delicate taste will also bring some points Small fresh.

In order to cater to the summer clothes requirements, the strap shorts have also become the object that everyone is sought after. When choosing it, in addition to the point of the regular strap pants, everyone needs special


Pay attention to the ratio of the length of the front chest packet and the length of the legs


If you are five or five points, it is recommended to choose a strap shorts for chest shorts legs. If the size is superior, you can ignore this requirement ~

I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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