Small cans have a big belly

The altar tank can be the secretly of human life. Word.

Wen play is also inseparable from the jar of the jar, you can guess what these janan can can do? There are these fews in the player tank in the play.

1, Go can


The representative configuration of the ancient literati cultivation is that the chess and painting, “chess” is Go. Therefore, Go utensils are also most abundant, from a large number of pars made from precious wood, the auction price is tens of thousands or more than ten thousand, must be paired.

Grass flower pear

2, tea cans

These two years pay attention to tea, use wood cars into small wooden cans than those of Go can, which can be placed and easy to carry, called tea cans. In fact, there is no sense of use, the name is also awkward. Because the wood has its own taste, the tea will be absorbed, so it is not suitable to use wood cans. This is the innovation of failure, and it is estimated that the ancients have also tried and gave up.

Red kitcorn small can

3, medicine tank

Now people’s lives are inseparable, regardless of treatment or health care, especially old people, small tanks made with valuable wood are best suited. The precious wood itself has a medicinal value. The rosewood is a calm medicine. Huangli pear is a blood pressure, and the old mahogany also has a step-down role. So when the medicine tank can have practical effects, it can be used every day, rapid pulp. The old man is most suitable.


Rosewood small can


4, craft tank

In fact, the jar of the jar can no qualitative, as long as it is beautiful, it will be casual. That is, the supplies are ornaments.

Grass flower pear

5, teeth

In the first few years, people found that the altar tank can be very practical, starting the use of small jars to put on the market for experiments, the most common thing is to make the toothmark, all use the next foot. Later, I found very popular, and now I dare to make a variety of altar tanks with a lot of materials.

Red acid gradation


Regardless of which kindergate cans are the strength of wood products. Because the wood is well processed relative to the metal, it is lighter with respect to the porcelain.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage of the wood is to deform, and it will cover the cover after deformation. In order to solve this problem, it is generally made to make a rich amount, and the upper cover is pressed down. Or make a cork, just like the plug of the old bus. This shortcomings let the craftsmen have more foods, and provide the space of art creation.


These raise pots that have been detached from these altar cans, upgrades to art experience, which is more in line with the needs of beauty in people’s lives, which is a spacing practical and living small toys.

These two years of fun market is not booming, returning to the store, withdrawing the withdrawal stall, but people who like the fun are not reduced. The seller didn’t sell place, and the buyer didn’t buy it. In order to facilitate everyone to communicate, I have done two things: First, open the public number, convenient for everyone from the spiritual level; second, open micro store, convenient from the material level to buy.

I have been supported by many friends since I started the opening, and I am ready to add a new plate “100-way forum”. Each period is said to show you a fun, welcome to pay attention.

My mic store has also been operated for a year, and the business has been very good, and many friends have been paid. When I just opened the store, I still have some embarrasses, afraid to swear. It is the feedback of Tibetan friends, firmly, I will put the confidence in the micro store. By opening a microwam, I will feel it, everyone’s demand for genuine products and boutiques.

In the future, I want to build a market online, bringing a lot of Chinese players, picking more people into my platform, serving more Tibetan friends. From the quality of you, I will work by my team. I hope this platform can be done: guarantee genuine, boutique; no conditional return within half a year;


I hope that this platform can not only treasure homes in Tibetans, but also exchanges, share. The current microwam is just a test water for the platform, what are your requirements and suggestions, please let me know.