Guizhou Bailing: Initially confirmed cough pneumonia, etc.

Xinjing News (Reporter Zhang Xiulan) On May 25 Healing and new crown viruses turn up and shorten the cough time.

Guizhou Bailing introduced, cough-speed stop syrup and cough capsule ended the clinical study related to neoguan pneumonia (COVID-19) in the IV clinical standard. Due to the smoothness of the domestic epidemic prevention and control, the number of patients with new coronal pneumonia is sharply reduced. The clinical trial originally plans to recruit 72 patients with new crown virus pneumoniae participation, and 30 patients in the final group, fail to meet the number of programs, resulting in objectivity It is affected. According to the completed “Clinical Statistics Report” and “Clinical Summary Report”, the cough-speed ceiling group, the cough capsule group in the cough cured rate, the average cough disappearance time, etc., the secondary efficacy indicator, compared to the control group Excellent therapeutic effect.

Among them, cough recovery rate (60.00%, 80.00%) (60.00%, 80.00%) is higher than the control group (40.00%); compared with conventional treatment, cough and cycles, the average cough, the average cough, And there is a tendency to shorten the cough disappearance time. The results of the secondary efficacy indicators show that the cough microphase group and the disease healed rate of the cough capsule group and the control group were 80.00%, 80.00%, 30.00%, and the median recovery time was 4.30 days and 4.41 days respectively, and the control group Here, there is no half, indicating the cough-speed stop sugar and cough capsules, which is conducive to the cure, shorten the healing time; cough-speed cemented syrup group, the virus turnover of the cough capsule and the control group is 50.00%, 60.00% and 30.00%, medium The transfer time of the bit is 3.59 days, 1.94 days and 4.79 days, indicating cough-speed stop syrup and cough capsules, which is conducive to new crown viruses.

On January 24 this year, Guizhou Bailing has nearly 200 national drug quasi-word drugs, and selects nine drugs such as cough-speed stop syrup, cough, and double-clad pneumatic particles, and cooperate with the Chinese Medicine Research Institute of China University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Start research on drug screening of new crown pneumonia, the latter is the only research institution that has the only viral detection research capacity in the Chinese Medical System.

From February 17, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University is a group leader, and the Fourth People’s Hospital of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, the Central Hospital of Ezhou City, Hubei Province, jointly carrying out the treatment of neoguanpneumitis (COVID-19) ) The effectiveness and safety of random, open, parallel control, multi-center clinical trials, and complete the record in China Clinical Trial Registry.

On March 4, the cells completed by the Chinese Medicine Research Institute Biosafety Laboratory were released. The research team developed a “human coronary virus pneumonia chillstrial hypervisobed model”, which has been used in human coronavirus pneumonia. Slopular capsules, golden flowers, cough, cyclic gum, cough capsules, etc. Have been used in clinical anti-coronary pneumonia. The results show that these drugs can significantly reduce inflammatory damage in mice, reduce the amount of viral loading and inflammatory factor in lung tissue, and increase the proportion of immunocytes in peripheral blood.

As of the press release, Guizhou Bailing stock price also changed the decline in several days, rising to 8.74 yuan / share, rising 6.07%.