Meng Gongzhou wears a blue-collar blue dress, the mature temperament is elegant, exquisite and fashionable

Huawei CFO Meng Light Zhou, which is the big daughter of Huawei President, and it has been illegally detained by Canada. It has been more than two years. On August 4th local time, Meng Liangzhou case opened again in Vancouver, Canada, and the case finally entered the final stage. In the face of adversity, Meng Liangzhou has always been smiling, and her big woman’s dress is also concerned, and elegant oriental charm makes people like her.

This time, Meng Gongzhu is wearing a piece

Bao blue suit skirt

The bright color is shocking with a sunny weather, which is full of hopes. Although the shape is a solid color, it does not feel monotonous, exquisite cropping, and the sluggish style is perfectly taught in the body of the body, elegant and advanced.

Meng Liangzhou is a full body, the skeleton is large, and a little meat will be discovered. This set of sets look significantly obviously a bit more than a slim, it seems that the usual body management she has not laverse.

The design of the waist, highlights the obvious waist

Also optimize the proportion of the body, and the high slim woman is tasteful. The neck chooses the style of the round neck, is not the type of close, slightly loose, plus the drooling fabric, creating free and relaxed tastes, can also effectively draw the neck lines.

Design of irregular cuffs

The combination of shoulders, immediately resolved the seriousness of the suit, not only is more modified to the upper arm, but also adding fashion and domineering, and walking more fierce. The length of the half skirt reaches the following position, and the elegant integration with mature women’s eldest elegant is just right.


Meng Liangzhou’s psychological quality is extremely strong. Although it is in adversity, the inner heart must experience the suffering, but she appears to be smiling, calmly, with a match with the matching of elegant temperament, fully showing Chinese women Toughness and discouragement.

This time, Meng Liangzhou has also changed in the choice of the bag.

Black backpack


With the blue set, create a relaxed atmosphere, and you can see that the capacity is not small from the picture.

, Practicality

There is also a bigger improvement. The treasure blue suit is under the black backpack, and it will not feel that there is any jumper, not only bright, and it is still very stable.

Meng Liangzhou likes long hair feelings


In her a lot of shape, they will be scattered in the long hair, and her hair is also very healthy. Undish beautiful hair is so smooth, and the walk is more fluent, the woman is full.

This style is

Large waves, hair,

Compared with the soft hair, the natural radians of big waves can interpret the fascinating woman, fluffy modeling can also play the role of the face, and put off the softness of the face and the fineness of the facial features.

Meng Liangzhou prefers a variety of colors


Pointer high heel


Black is easier to match garments with its wild features. This time with the blue set is a pair of black pointed high heels, a pedal style, can expose the foot, intangible, can also draw the length of the calf, elegant.

Although everyone knows that the flat shoes are comfortable, the exquisite and elegance of high heels are also unable to enter, and they can also bring increased effects, and the gas field will be more feas.


The advantage is that the overall coordination, the style is unified, and it is not necessary to match the color. When you appear in court, Meng Liangzhou also has a set of suits, such as this style.

Colored blue suit

It seems that there is a stable atmosphere.


This shape is more profession, and it is more mature charm than the bright blue eyes. Just a good waist design, portrayed a beautiful waist button proportion, the design of the front of the half skirt, can also add more women’s taste, can also bring the convenience of action, feet in black high heels, elegant. Although it is a dark set, it will not bring the feeling of dullness.

Tibetan blue, steady wisdom is rational


Especially from professional women. This shape of Meng Liangzhou also used this tone.

Colored blue suit with black skirt

Because the version is loose, plus the material is thin, and it will not seem to be too serious, but it adds a bit of fashionable feelings and makes the atmosphere.

The lower part of the short body is also a wide version of the style, the length reaches the knee, which looks light and relaxed. On the back of a black backpack, head wearing a circular straw hat, looks more about a bit of literary breath.



It is the style of professional women, and the blue white striped shirt is also a classic style, and the vertical stripe forms a extension, which can also cause slimming effect. A gray sweater brings the effect of shawl, enriches the level of layers, and makes the fashion feelings.

It is the official sense of coffee color Bermuda shorts, and the official feeling of weakened shirts, and puts the shirt in shorts, and it is more free. The feet ends the naked high heel shoes, and the sun-to-the-night boat is spent on the sun.

This set

Violet set

It is her early styling, and the body will also slim, and the bright cold tone is filled out of her skin color, the slotted style hits the S curve of the body. The collar of the top is designed to be a large V-neck style, not only to pull the neck line, but also make the woman more rich.

Meng Liangzhou in this period has some signs of blessings, and the body is round, and the hair style has also changed. It is still black and long, just cutting Liu Hai. The pink suit is equipped with a white V-neck, it looks abundant, using a pearl necklace to embellish, alleviate the gehe of the neck, and the taste is more feasible.


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