These newborn baby care methods, do you know?

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The baby is just born, as a newbie parent, it must be a focus, I don’t know what it is! The following estimation methods, please remember, sometimes you can use it …

1, when the baby’s umbili is to disinfect? ​​What disinfectant is used?

A: The sterilization of the baby umbili is from the beginning of birth until about January. There are special umbilical disinfectants on the market, or 75% alcohol or iodine wine can also be used.


In addition, the umbilical cord does not fall during the fall, but it is also possible to take a shower. After washing, be sure to dry.

2, when is the baby’s umbilical cord going to fall off? If the lack is not falling off?

A: The baby’s umbilical cord is usually taken off at about 10 days after birth. But some baby umbilical cords take a longer time, as long as there is no bleeding, water, water, etc., don’t worry. Urgently pay attention to umbilical care and pay attention to keep the umbilical dry.

3, why does the newborn baby are mounted? Can you take a shower after molting?

A: After the newborn baby left the uterus, the external environment is relatively dry, and the metabolism is faster, the expression of the epidermal is easily turned into a dead skin under the promotion of new skin cells. This is an adaptation process for newborn babies to the environment. You can still take a shower after molting, but after washing, you should take your baby oil to pay attention to the moisturizing of the skin.

4, baby red butt, what should I do?

A: Baby red butt, the most important thing is to change the diaper and keep it dry. Especially after the baby is stool, you should clean your fart in time, and apply the diaper cream. When the red butt is serious, you can let the little butt every day to dry, dry the sun.

5, there is a yellow-yellow squat on the baby eyebrow, do you want to clean it?

A: There is yellow-yellow squat on the baby’s eyebrow, which is a manifestation of eczema. Don’t force it forced, you can wipe your baby oil or baby’s special nourishing glycerin, and then wet, slowly soften, naturally will fall.

6, how to cultivate a habit of making your baby to sleep without a habit?

A: When you are born from your baby, don’t use the way of “” to make him sleep. You can use a fixed bedroom program to make him habit, such as taking a hot bath before going to bed, then do a hot bath, then put it on a clean underwear, cover him on the quilt, give him gently songs. Let your baby be familiar with such a set of procedures from a birth, and it will form a habit.

7, baby in the daytime, sleep, what should I do?

A: Generally, this situation, mothers can play with the baby more than the baby during the day, such as listening to music, take the baby to take a walk, and consume a baby’s energy during the day, let her body and spirit to night In the exhaustive state. Take a hot bath for your baby before going to bed at night, massage massage, tell him to sleep. After a period of time, the baby’s sleep habits can be adjusted back.


8, baby frequently wakes up because of hungry? Do you want to feed it every night?

A: Baby has frequently waking a lot of reasons, may be hungry, cold, hot, or sleeping during the day, day and night, mother wants to understand the baby’s cry, find the reason, meet the baby’s demand . If you really wake up frequently because you are hungry, it is necessary to consider whether it is not enough.

Hey, how many clothes should we wear when the baby is sleeping?

A: Under normal circumstances, a thick cotton underwear is OK, breathable and warm. If you are afraid of your baby to kick quilts, you can add a small sleeping bag – sleeping bag plus quilt is the best match for your baby in the winter. When you open an air conditioner in the summer, it is also necessary to sleep.

⑩, breastfeeding baby, do you need to drink water?

A: In principle, the baby-breeding baby in 6 months does not need to drink additional water. But if the weather is particularly hot, the baby sweats, or there is an up fire, you can give your baby an additional moisture.



Some parents are prosperous for children to enroll in the late year, or alive, let the child give birth before September 1, or simply choose a caesarean section, causing a phenomenon that has recently piled up.

Under the hurriedness, do you have a full preparation? I hope that these nursing methods can help you. Also welcome your mother, dad, and let go of your attention, discuss your child care experience!

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