B & O Play Wireless speaker, wool material, let you enjoy music without dead corners

The Bluetooth speakers in the family are in the basis of sound quality, and the appearance is beautiful, and it is one of the factors that have become a lot of people. Today, I will introduce you to this B & O Play’s latest wireless speaker, not only 360 degrees without dead corner speakers, but also high value is too high.

B&O Play无线音箱,羊毛材质,让你无死角享受音乐

Looking at the appearance, this speaker uses high-quality wool blended fabric, which looks very qualitative, which can bring warm feelings to the room, with black and gray color to choose from.

This speaker uses a cylindrical design with a 360-degree wireless speaker that fully balanced the spread of Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound iconic superior sound quality. When operating, you can control playback and volume as long as the rotation button at the top can be controlled.

It is a separate speaker with multiroom multi-room music system that can play different or identical music in different rooms. This speaker can play music through Bluetooth, Chromecast, Airplay, Spotify Connect, and House of Pharaoa. Moreover, it is more convenient to do not need a special application like Play: 5, but can play music from a computer or a smartphone like a traditional Bluetooth audio.

This speaker will be released in the first quarter of this year, probably a RMB 4798, which is more expensive than the top product Play: 5 of Sonos before.

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Does the speaker are too easy to carry? It doesn’t matter, there are still a single sound-burst portable speaker.

B&O Play无线音箱,羊毛材质,让你无死角享受音乐

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B&O Play无线音箱,羊毛材质,让你无死角享受音乐

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B&O Play无线音箱,羊毛材质,让你无死角享受音乐



B&O Play无线音箱,羊毛材质,让你无死角享受音乐

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