Childbirth “Waiting for the package” to buy to learn to avoid pits, chicken rib products don’t buy, baby to save less money

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It’s going to be produced soon, but what should I do if I have not prepared?

At this moment,

Expectant mothers will definitely say: “It doesn’t matter,

As long as the small hand waves a treasure to search for the package, the maternal and child supplies are all available, this is not something, so I get a single payment and acceptance.



When you have finished your baby, I found that most of the “waiting for the gift package” that I have purchased.

It is really a pity that there is no use, and the high-priced buying is now only asking.

Near childbirth, maternal not only wants to do a good mother’s psychological preparation, welcome new life, but also to prepare “tolerance package”, what you need to use before, and which is needed to have a baby clothing. , Cleaning supplies, these things seem to be as few.

However, expectant mother wants to know the items to be produced, the better, these chicken ribs are deeply loved, but almost not in the expectant mothers can avoid pits.

“Bao Ma]

“Waiting for the package” one of the chicken ribs products: abdomen belt

After a long time, the pregnant mother’s body has long become unrecognizable. So the first thing to give birth to the baby is naturally restored, and the abdomen belt has become the first product in the package of many expectant mothers.

But you will know if you have a child, you don’t have the spirit of your spirit, even if you have a bad feeling of your belly, you will let you give up. For the pregnant mother of the caesarean section, it is more useless, and the wound is so much like, and then a belly belt is simply giving himself to him.

“Waiting for the package” chicken rib products 2: disposable underwear


Many pregnant mothers will prepare n-disposed underwear, so dirty, they can be thrown away and avoid the trouble of cleaning. In fact, most materials are not breathable and breathable. We recommend that Bao Ma wear cotton underwear on the bottom of the cotton underwear, you can prepare your sleeping pants or aunt pad at night, you don’t have to worry about your bed.

“Waiting for the package” 3: 3: Maternal sanitary napkins

After the birth, pregnant mother is like a flood-like loan, so the pregnant mother will definitely have a variety of models of “mother-specific sanitary napkins”, but this thing.

Not only expensive and width, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Although the breeding of the production is much more than the amount of menstruation in the weekdays, it is really not large, and it is not as convenient as ordinary night sanitary napkins.


“Waiting for the package” chicken rib products four: baby fixed pillow

“Baby wants to sleep a good head” This is the tradition of Chinese old people, and Bao Ma will naturally follow the old people’s opinion, so the styling pillow has become an indispensable item. To know, the newborn baby is not perfect because the spine is not developed, and there is no need for a pillow at all. Then this type of pillow will naturally send the field, it is really white flowers.

“Waiting for the package” Chicken Rib Product 5: Nasal

Give your baby clean nose with cotton swabs or small Thailans completely no problem, these two tools can quickly solve this problem, the nose is not only used to use it, it is easy to damage the nose of the child. Mucosa, this is dangerous to little babies.

“Waiting for the package” chicken rib products: diaper pocket

The diaper is only popular in recent years. The principle is to put the diaper in the diaper pocket and then secure on the baby’s ass. However, this kind of thing is not breathable, if the baby has pulled it, it is not possible to find it in time. It can be too uncomfortable with it. It is better to use the diapers to be easy to use. This is completely useless.

“Waiting for the package” chicken rib products 7: waterproof navel stickers

Newborn is born because there is no healing in the navel, so I can’t touch it, so I will prepare waterproof navel, but I used it once.

This thing is sticky to the baby, it is not good, water is to prevent the child’s sin.

. In fact, the baby is nothing more when the baby is taking a bath, as long as the bath is cooked, this thing is really no need to prepare.

Which is the necessary things in the package, do not spend a lot of money.


There are not many things used in maternity before childbirth, but

Drug, water cup, high-calorie food must be prepared,

Because the woman will consume a lot of physical strength during childbirth, eat some high-calorie foods, such as chocolate, milk, and small snacks can add physical strength. In addition, the mother is lying in childbirth, this posture is not convenient to drink water, and it is convenient to use the straw.


The most indispensable in childbirth is the knife paper, or maybe the mother will say that the toilet paper is not? I just want to say it, but the knife paper is more applicable.


The knife paper is a maternal special paper, not only the water absorption is strong, and it is not easy to adhere.


The focus is larger size,

It must be prepared to be prepared in the delivery room and the month.


After childbirth, the maternity will sweat, and the clothes will become wet, so the expectant mother wants to give two loose cotton pajamas and the close clothes, so it is timely replacement to make your body comfortable. Second, if the season of childbirth If in winter, you must prepare the bag and the slippers and hats, avoid the wind of the month.

Baby needs:

For little babies, my mother’s bed is in the package.

The necessary preparation: small bag, monk dress, diapers, bottle, small size milk powder, gauze towel, small pot,

These few things are basically used after birth, the small bag can be warm for the baby, the mother doesn’t eat milk, the baby needs to eat, then the bottle and milk powder will naturally be less.

Second, the baby’s clothes are ready to replace it. Because the baby is too fast to buy too much, it is recommended to buy a split monk, which is convenient for the baby to take off and easy to replace the diapers. Finally, we must prepare a few gauze towels and a few small pots, used for the baby to scrub the body, wash the ass.


Basically, these things are needed in the package, as well as the most important ID, RMB, and inspection files, these procedures are needed before hospitalization, they can be placed in the bed. In this way, even if you can produce something in advance, you will have no worries.

in addition,

What is the thing you need in your daily, Bao Ma is slowly prepared according to your own demand, there is no need to buy too much once, after all, the child needs a small fee, less spending money is king.

Childbirth “Waiting for the package” to buy to learn to avoid pits, chicken rib products don’t buy, baby to save less money