Those who can’t miss it, more than elegant style, leisure style is also relying on it

In such a forefront, the elements of the wave point can naturally be expected by everyone. It is different from traditional French, and the wave point can make the shape of elegance and casual style, which is precisely because of its existence In the early spring, it adds more charm.

The elegant style can be existed in the fashion world, mainly due to a relatives of each age stage to her, think that this is the performance of the charm.


First, gentle charm, wave point element is too knowledgeable


Elegant is not to deliberately show yourself for fashionable high-grade taste, but to present a lazy atmosphere through some seemingly casual shapes.

The little girls will also prefer some cute elements when they choose to walk the elegant route. The most classic is the doll collar. After using lace material, the neckline is obviously more youth, and the whole use of red so warm and bright colors. The street will definitely have a higher return rate, and the white bag is also perfect with the white wave point.

Whether it is a half-length skirt or sweater, the wild character in the fashion world will never be sorn, whether it is a top or a skirt, a white color white is the main color, and the joining of the wave has played the role of the pen, both The exquisite beauty of the French style can be made to the ultimate, and it will not be too high. The small shutdown below the sweater is also a small skill to improve the waistline.


Although the little white dress is gentle but some monotonous, if the black wave point can be added, the immediately can become delicate. The special place of this skirt is mainly in the floating skirt, and the light chiffon is the source of the model, as The act of high-level beauty, the role of the cortical boots can not be ignored, even if the suit jacket doesn’t have upper body, it is just a cloak, but it still has full texture.


As the representative color of the early spring, it is always a fresh trait in the fashion world. It is also a white wave point, whether it is a handbag or a shoe, not only the color is bright color, but also the style is also Exquisite and smaller, the state of the skirt is smashed by the maximum extent of women’s softness, putting the jacket on the shoulder is also a small way to build a level.

In a wide variety of wave point, the charm of the long skirt will always be the biggest. After all, the skirt is the exclusive of women, it can release the brilliance of women to the ultimate, this set of styles are particularly low-key, whether it is black and white Still blue, mainly, the combination of short tops and high waist long skirts, makes the petite body can have superior proportions.

When the black and white classic match is always, if it is possible to add a white wave point on black, two colors are perfectly combined with less monotonous.

Second, black and white combination is not wrong, the wave point is true hundred


It doesn’t need to be too eye-catching when you are leisure, but it is very comfortable to use the wave point to improve the stylish feeling.

It is because of the black black for this set of handsome tones. Even with a long skirt as an inner, it is still full of neutral drafts, and the joining of the wave is getting smart, white and black combined It is no longer so monotonous, and the Cool Shuttle Jacket is used as a cloak, with black sunglasses, like the general atmosphere.


Since the black is chosen as the main color of the shape, then naturally, it is necessary to make the ultimate, and black, the reason she is recognized by the public. If the dark shirt is unacceptable, then add white After the wave point, it became a symbol of knowledge, and the beige high heel of foot step was decorated as a decoration.

After using a loose design, the long skirt will naturally be more suitable for daily wear, under the white wave point, even if it is black, there is white leather shoes to call with the wave point to echo it better, skin The hidden version of the jacket is not only handsome, but also so a single color is more quite rich.


If the long windbreaker is the exclusive of a high child, then the short windbreaker is more suitable for the delicate figure. Under the decoration of the belt, the improvement of the waistline is also more natural, and the long skirt is used as the inner shape, but also more levels. The color also becomes more classic, such as the skirt, which is generally sprinkled, is a delicate symbol.

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