If you want a peach blossom, you can only open you only one lipstick!


想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Victoria Beckham

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Teach you to draw–

1. The base makeup must be white and translucent, and the color close to the skin color is large in large areas. Use a shallow base makeup product to brighten the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, eyebrow bows, and chin to create a three -dimensional and shiny skin.

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

2. The slender and curved eyebrows will make you look as delicate as Barbie. You don’t need to emphasize the eye makeup too much. A thin eyeliner is enough. Pay attention to filling the gap in the root of the eyelashes.

3. Rolling eyelashes are the logo of Barbie, don’t ignore the lower eyelashes! The focus is on high saturated pink lipstick. The pink and bright colors make you return 100 %.

OLAY Living Famous Isolation Modification Cream

1. LOLAY Living Famous Isolation Modification Cream 220 yuan/50g

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Estée Lauder Holding Makeup and Shaping Eyebrow Pen

2.ESTée Lauder Holding Makeup and Shaping Eyebrow Pen’s New Products Unbinded

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Urara Youlai Hengcai Liang Eye eyeliner

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

3.Urara Hengcai Bright Eye Light 110 yuan

Eyes bright wide -angle mascara

4.Shiseido Maquillage Eyes Bright Visted Mascara 300 yuan

GUERLAIN new Zhencai gem lipstick

5.Guerlain’s new Zhencai gem lipstick#77 480 yuan

Snowflake Show Cai to the beautiful cushion foundation liquid

6. Snowflake Show Type the beautiful cushion liquid liquid 400 yuan/15g*2

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Lancome obsessed with lipstick

7. Lancome obsessed with lipstick 343B 280 yuan

想要桃花朵朵开 你只差一支唇膏!

Dior fantasy beauty muscle repair milk

8. Dior Fantasy Beauty Muscle Milk 880 yuan/30ml