Unified reply: 3,000 yuan high-quality audio configuration

Many people ask this question.More than 3,000 HIFI configuration I give some perspective: 1. The sound source is non-destructive, with a DAC, in Taobao Weiliang, about 600 yuan, such a source of the source is not a CD machine.2. The amplifier is also the whole one, listening to classical pre-staple or courage (FU50 courage is probably thousands).The popular transistor set is successful.3. Speakers can be homemade.Taobao Jieyang speakers are good, 6.5 inch bass and a lot of 1 inch tall tall.His family also has a box and division, an estimated to do a pair of approximately 800 yuan.4, the rest of the home purchase of wire, RCA line and speaker cable, 300 original

about.5. Listen to the classics, it is best to match a pair of speakers, Taobao 600 yuan.It is not necessary to match.