New product | crystal light rail light is grandly listed, so that space is more level

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– Ke Xun’s lighting once again, and introduces new product for guides.

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Crystal series guide

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Integrated molded space aluminum lamp body

Black and white two-color, concise fashion

“Jingming” guide spotlight series store lighting products, sand black and sand white color selection, power has different specifications such as 10W / 20W / 35W, meets different levels of shops in the store, solve different application scenarios in store lighting The pain point is selected.

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Double-axis full angle rotation design

Vertical 100 °, horizontal 350 °

Dressing, light is moving

High quality COB dress LED lamp

High development index, restore true color

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Light color is a long life

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

The light is the focus

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Crystal series guide rail light effect> 100Lm / W

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Professional-grade optical lens

15 ° 24 ° 36 ° three beam angles

3000K, 4000K, 6000K three color temperatures

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Uniform illuminance, natural sparks, natural and soft

Multiple spot angles, color temperature selection

新品 | 晶明导轨灯隆重上市,让空间更有层次

Can be used with multiple decoration styles

Meet the diversified store lighting demand.

Excellent COB light source is equipped with TIR reverse osmotic light technology lens effectively solves the problem of increasing addition, frequency flash, spot effect. It is possible to effectively highlight the characteristics of the commodity in the store, grab the consumer’s eye, and promote the purchase.