4 years old, red network … “China’s smaller backpacker” What is it now?

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“China’s smaller backpacker” What is it now?

She went 4 years old and went through the “death of the sea” Roboy …

I still remember Wen Wen called “China’s smallest backpacker”? In 2016, she got a fire on Weibo because of a photo of a roadside, she was only 4 years old. Now, Wen Wen is already 9 years old. She has not stopped her own footsteps. They have challenged the Sichuan-Tibet line, and the Tibet lines have been challenged with their parents.

Recently, there is also Wen Wen’s news in the Internet. She spent 21 hours and walked 103 kilometers in Kunming Dianchi. With Wen Wen hi-wi mileage, the question has not been stopped. Some netizens pointed out that their father Pan Tufeng “Tiger Education” method is too extreme; more experts have made different opinions, and they are concerned about Wen Wen’s bone development and future interpersonal communication skills. So, how is her now? Recently, Zi Niu News Contact Pan Tufeng Father and Daughter, understanding Wen Wen’s current situation. Zappian News Reporter Chen Yong Intern Wang Lin

From a small follower

She is called “China’s Minimum Backpacker”

Wen Wen is 9 years old this year, the third grade of elementary school. At present, their family is in Kunming, Yunnan, just after a hiking. Her work is very busy, get up every morning, get up at 5:30, then start running, at noon, doing rice at home, 1:30 pm to 3 points to make flexibility training, 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock in the evening or cycling, gap time To take care of the study.

Wen Wen’s father Pan Tufeng is Jiangxi Shangrao, after 70, and a woman in Yun, Wen Wen’s brother is now in the sixth grade of elementary school. Under the coincidence, Pan Tu Feng was fascinated with a hiking backpack, and then began to walk with his daughter.

In 2016, a photo of a little girl in Weibo had a photo, and Wen Wen in the photo was only 4 years old, and she held a cardboard written with “ride Pujiang”. Netizens competed forward, and they were really online. The netizens said she called “China’s smallest backpacker”. Wen Wen fire, father Pan Tufeng also received an interview with many media. Some of his thoughts have been controversial, such as not preparing to make Wen Wen’s kindergarten education more doubts. Some netizens said that he just put his own “Tiger Education” in his daughter. More sports medical experts, educational psychologists expressed concern about Wen Wen’s skeletal development and future interpersonal communication skills.

When I was interviewed by Zappica, I said that I said that it is a netizen “for us”, but obviously he didn’t take these questions when he was. Since then, he did not send Wen Wen into kindergarten, but he chose to travel with Wen Wen. Wen Wen began to follow his parents since 3 years old. Have been walking in China, 5 times, and arrived at Nepal, but also through the “Death Sea” Roboy, accumulated miles away.

Journey is thrilling

Hiking is exciting and warm

Wen Wen appeared in people’s perspective is always a black short hair, dark skin, like a boy. She is thin, but often carries a big backpack, tents, firewood, raw cooking, basic wild survival skills she samples. At the beginning of the trip, Wen Wen is full of curiosity to the outside world, but many times she also wants to give up, she will cry, don’t move, hungry, etc., forced parents compromise.

Pan Dufeng said: “We have chosen such a kind of road for the child, which is specially to exercise the quality of the child. In fact, the child is crying once, it is also a growth.”

Hold the hiking stick, support it in the mud; take a tent in the forest, look at the flashing stars; leave a big and small footprint in the snow … This hiking seems to be beautiful, hidden Many dangers.

“When we hiped in Nepal, there was a danger of 15 kilometers. There were 13 landslides, and many roads were blocked. It is very dangerous. On the way, my wife protects the child, while watching the surrounding environment While rushing forward. “Pan Tufeng said, in addition to the landslide and avalanche, the supply of food is also a big problem,” Walking Cocoa Sili is no one, the temperature reaches less than 30 bedrooms, before, no village, then there is no shop, food can only be from one The day three meals were reduced to a day, and then the last day was meal.

In addition to difficulties, there are some things that make people feel warm. Pan Tufeng told reporters that he often got the help of the locals in the hiking process, and with their deep friendship, “When the Tibetan area, sometimes hiped to 90 o’clock in the evening, see the lights in front, let’s go The knockout will be enthusiastic. Tibetans will ask us, and give us some local yogurts, or cook some noodles to us. “Pan Tufeng said, when people were cold and hungry, they got someone to help I feel unusually warm.

Wen Wen has changed through exercise.

Family is not worried, she will lose

After 5 years, will the concerns of netizens will come true? At the beginning, Pan Tufeng couple just feel that children should now play, feel this world. Now, they also saw some gratifying phenomena in Wenwen. “First, Wen Wen’s physique is very good, basically there is no disease. In addition, self-discipline and hands-on ability are strong, she is also responsible for lunch at home. Primary school is normal, learning is also possible, learn “

Pan Tufeng introduced that Wen Wen’s communication skills were very strong, and in the event of tents, the plateau cooking, her hands-on ability and thinking have also been exercised. “In the process, we always need to plan the route, in this way In the actual operation, Wen Wen’s direction, the ability of image memory is constantly enhanced. “Pan Tufeng told reporters that last year, because of his hometown, Wen Wen still took ten hours to turn the bus back, and later returned to family members. . He proudly said: “Wen Wen can take a person in China, we are not worried about her will be lost.”

Pan Tongfeng said that when you brought Wen Wen, your grandmother and aunt are trying to oppose it, and now I have seen some children’s growth and turn thoughts. “Last year, Grandma has followed us for 50 days. The 72-year-old man who has never read the book is also learning.” Because two children must go to school, now Pan Tufeng will basically arrange hiking in the cold summer vacation. And the fees of hiking, Pan Tufeng introduced, more than 10,000 yuan a year.

However, Pan Tufeng also did not recommend that other parents took the same way as him. “Every child is different. Wen Wen is better in the physical fitness.” Pan Tufeng said that let the children experience these, not to let them deliberate Remember something, but let them eat hardships, they will know how to cherish and learn independence.

she says

I like to hiking with my father.

I want to be a teacher in the future

Wen Wen in the video is always carrying a backpack of a drum capsule, shutting in the jungle, playing in the river water, brave in the wind and snow. So, how does a 9-year-old child understand their own behavior? Do she like this way of life?

Wen Wen in a child may just be passive, but now she said, I have already hiped it with my father. “I have thought about giving up, but now I am used to sleeping.”

For a 9-year-old child, the memory of the journey may not be a lot, but Wen Wen still remembers to Nepal to experience the thrill and excitement of the paragliding parachute at the age of 4, “I am very high and high, just like a Like the bird. “Wen Wen expressed his reporter, and the speech revealed the excitement of hiding. In fact, she didn’t know that it is a free gliding between 1600 meters high.

In addition, Wen Wen still remembers the experience of Tibet, “I can catch the yak with the Tibetan children, squeezed with them, riding, archery, wrestling, I think it is very interesting.” Us, Wen Wen Also self-study English, I also like to read “Snow White”, “Hualam” and other books.

After the struggle of the idea, Wen Wen chose to bite his teeth, she told reporters: “People must rely on others, can’t rely on others. If you leave, you will continue to stick to it, keep going, don’t think about it, you will not feel hard.” Talking about your wish, Wen Wen said: “In the future, I want to be a teacher, share what I have experienced with others.”