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Silk, soft, endless, chocolate sweet or bitterness is always fascinated. Now, the chocolate is increasingly loved by the vast number of people, and the sales of the Valentine’s Day, Qixi Festival is boosted, and become the preferred story of boys. Then what brand of chocolate do you usually choose?

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Today, the world’s top 10 chocolate brands have been brought, don’t just kiss Dove.

1, Swiss Lotus (Lindt) – Switzerland


First entry is soluble chocolate

Swiss lotus is the world’s largest high-end chocolate manufacturer, invented the first entrance to melt the chocolate, amazing global in 1845. In addition, the Lindor series such as the Lindor series is skilful, delicate, delicate, and inlet. Because of its special grounding technology and excellent work quality, you will be popular.


2, Grylian – Belgium

Since the beautiful love

More than 30 years ago, Guy and Liliane Foubert were joined for a couple. After marriage, due to the common hobbies of chocolate, they made the seashells received by the wedding as a model of chocolate, Geely Lotus came into being. This Belgian famous chocolate brand has the “Supreme” of the Chocolate Kingdom, is the ancestor of chocolate, and the Belgian royal family has a chocolate brand that has been awarded a gold medal.

3, Ferrero Rocher – Italy

Innovative hazelnut chocolate brand


Ferrero chocolate, China called a hazelnut-like warming chocolate, is a global chocolate brand. In 1946, during World War II, founder Ferrero replaced the supply of shortages with hazelnuts, invented a new dessert “Pasta Gianduja”, which is the prototype of Ferro. Ferrero chocolate creates multi-layered materials, brownie chocolate coat crispy, chocolate heart is soft and smooth, sweet and not greasy, the entrance is instant.

4, Song Emperor, GODIVA – Belgium

“Rolls Royce” in chocolate

Song Emperor Sugar is from Brussels, Belgium, founded by Chocolate Master Joseph Draps, and named the legendary national godiva lady named, has had more than 88 years of history. Since 1968, Godiva has become the chocolate brand of Belgian royal royal, known as the most expensive chocolate.


5, good (Hershey’s) – USA


North American chocolate

The largest chocolate and chocolate candy manufacturer in North America is located in Pennsylvania, a 111-year history old brand company. The founder Hershey is unique, and created a world-class chocolate factory, the ranching of the pasture, and the traditional classic craft, plus traditional classic crafts, and make good chocolate, pure and skilled. The taste is rich.

6, Debauve Gallais – France

French royal 用


Derbare Carry is the oldest, most famous royal chocolate brand in France. In the past two hundred years, Derbare Carrier has been hand-made to ensure the pure taste and unique aroma of chocolate. Among them, there are several chocolates with strong curative effects, such as “healthy chocolate” with efficacy is 99% of pure dark chocolate, and a chocolate made from the Perside Botan Balls has anti-spurt, governing gastric pain.


7, Macashi (M & M’s) – USA

Chocolate beans bringing a good mood

When Spanish civil war, Mr. Forrest Mars met a group of soldiers who were eating chocolate balls, these chocolate balls wrapped a layer of hard candy clothes to avoid melting. This has brought inspiration to Mr., and he invented M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M & M. Now, M & M’s chocolate world-renowned for its colors, delicious taste and unique advertising image, was in hot pursuit of the public.

8, Dolly is (DROSTE) – Belgium


Really pure chocolate

Dori originated in 1863 Deli is the first confectionery store, in the early years, Dori is a prominent reputation with its excellent quality. Dolly is the innovation of the taste, and reasonable price and high quality of excellent materials can make you enjoy “affordable luxury” choice.

9, Bai Li (Belgian) – Belgium

Extreme chocolate temperament

Belgium is worthy of the kingdom of chocolate, this is the fourth of the income. In 2011, Bai Li people became the first in Belgian chocolate manufacturer and the only chocolate manufacturer who got BRC star certified, and its quality visible. Nowadays, more than 80 countries in the world have a sales point of white chocolate. Milk fragrance, pure beauty, simple and delicate seashell shape, Charm of Bai Li Chocolate is from here.

10, Le Feifei (Toffifee) – Germany

Germany’s Taishue Temptation

Le Feifei hazelnut chocolate from Germany’s largest chocolate producer, is the first brand of fresh chocolate world. Founded in 1973 Toffifee, although many changes have been done on the package, there is no continuing to develop new products, the unique caramel torrose formula has continued until now. The product has a very wonderful taste, which is deeply loved by Europe and tasting its Chinese consumers. (Zhu Yan / Wine Encyclopedia)


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