More than 60,000 kilometers of Buick maintenance engines, the rotten oil filter makes the owner worry!

Conventional maintenance is particularly important to the engine, and the engine can get timely maintenance, and the probability of failure will be greatly reduced. However, if the engine is accidentally used to use inferior oil or filter, especially inferior oil, it is likely to cause damage to the engine.

This is not, our master is in the engine oil filter in the base of the filter element in the filter element. The rotten oil filter makes the owner are very concerned, and the attack will have problems. Fortunately, the master is confirmed after checking, the engine has no problem! Next, let’s take a look at this maintenance case!

The following figure shows, there is more than 60,000 kilometers. In general, 60,000 kilometers should be maintained for the car, and the owner has made great maintenance when the engine is last maintained. This time only the replacement of the oil machine is filtered.

As shown in the figure below, this Buick Hideo nameplate, the engine is 1.6 displacement. It is the factory in 2012. It has been 6 years now, basically a year to drive 10,000 kilometers.


The following figure shows, this is its engine compartment. The engine oil filter of this engine is located at the position shown in the arrow, and the venting manifold position is very close, and its oil filter is a split type. The master put the car first and put the oil, then dropped the car to remove the oil filter. Be

Unexpectedly, the master removing the shell of the oil filter and found that its oil filter is rotten, as shown in the following figure! Under normal circumstances, this paper filter should be a complete state, and now it has been part. Be


Since the oil filter has been rotten in the filter element, the master has to clamp the remaining filter with a clip. The picture below shows the green area of ​​the master. Be


Let’s take a look at the new oil filter, as shown in the green arrow below, this is a new oil filter. It is a cylinder type. The two heads are plastic materials, the middle is a paper, which is the paper to filter the oil. The figure below shows the orange arrow, which is a damaged oil filter.


After seeing the state of the filter element, the Buick car is very concerned that this situation will have a bad influence on the engine, and the most afraid of damaged filter blocks the oil in the engine. The master carefully examined that the damaged oil filter did not aggregate in the base base, and there would be no problem of blocking oil. This, the owner is relieved.


However, why is its oil filter to become like this? Xiaobian In the previous maintenance case, it also encountered such a damaged oil filter, and the other two damage to the oil filter was Cruze, and the example of this Excelle was the same, very few people seeing another car appearance. Such a problem!

Master said that there are two reasons, one is that the quality of the oil filter is related, the owner uses a inferior filter element; the second is to have a relationship with the design of the oil filter base. It is too close to the exhaust manifold. Temperature is too high. Xiaobian feels that the most important reason is that the quality of accessories is related! Finally, the master uses a better quality oil filter, basically no problem! Cheyou can simply understand this situation!