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The elasticity of the red carpet is quite good, and it has received a lot of people at a time. So someone wants to know

Red carpet price

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Red carpet material classification

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1. The office stairway corridor shopping mall is full of large -scale pads to welcome the wedding wedding wedding red carpet. The reference price is generally about 30 yuan.

2. The red carpet one -time store is full of the wedding stage exhibition at the door of the opening store. The reference price is generally around 26 yuan.

3. The stage of the stage is thick and anti -welcoming the red carpet.

4. Anti -slip pad PVC Plastic Red Carpet Hollow Door S -type Waterproof Kitchen Anti -Slip Cushion, the reference price is generally around 81 yuan.

5. The red carpet is a one -time wedding stage entrance. The non -slip welcome to welcome the red wedding wedding supplies. The reference price is generally about 30 yuan.

6. Jiaying Red Carpet is a one -time wedding and a red carpet store. The red carpet red carpet celebration carpet is opened. The reference price is generally about 11 yuan.

7. Open shop corridor Marriage red carpet commercial aisle staircase walkway full rolls to prevent slip -to -slip pads. The reference price is generally around 111 yuan.

8. 3D floor mats corridor carpet, full -pave the house, full -pavement, home -made anti -slip red carpet porch into the kitchen long bar carpet, the reference price is generally about 350 yuan.

9. The red carpet is a one -time gray carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red carpet red -opening wedding intensive anti -slip stairs. The reference price is generally around 80 yuan.

Red carpet material seal classification

Cotton: It is 100 % made into a cotton dust removal ground pad, and the bottom of the bottom is made of non -slip particles, which can increase friction with the ground. The anti -slip effect is extremely strong.

Blending material: Made of high -quality patella, its thick texture, good backy, strong rebound, strong anti -inverted resistance, large density high blanket surface, it is not easy to hide debris for easy cleaning, the bottom is woven by cotton, linen, and weaving, moisture -proof anti -moisture prevention, moisture -proof prevention, moisture -proof prevention Non -slip and wear -resistant, does not damage the floor.

Plastic: The back is made of rubber particles on the back, which will also have a light rubber flavor. It is green and environmentally friendly and pollution -free, which is harmless to human health. It has a thick texture, good ash effect, has an excellent effect of anti -slip moisture and anti -toxic and environmental protection, and is non -toxic and tasteless.

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Snowy: its ultra -fine fiber fabric, with its special horizontal section, can effectively absorb dust particles in the air, purify the air, can also absorb water that exceeds its own weight, which can make its ground pad quickly quickly Drying, preventing bacteria from breeding the existence of bacterial breeding sources.

The above is the price of red silk carpets shared by Fuzhou Decoration Network today and the classification of red carpet materials. I hope everyone likes it.

Red carpet price