Smart and fashionable, three Ms. Thousand yuan Ms. Retro square watches recommendation

[Watch House Watch Recommendation] For most women, the demand for watches may only stay at the decoration level, which can add color to daily wear and add points to the temperament of their hands. Especially in the past two years, the retro style has prevailed, and the classic elements of fashion in the 20th century have returned to people’s vision. If you want to wear more retro and fashionable, and highlight the taste, you may wish to see the following three thousand yuan women’s watches, fashionable and versatile, classic and durable.

Feiya Qingcheng Series L865010.WNW

Product model: L865010.wnw

Domestic public price: ¥ 1980

Watch diameter: 22.7 mm

Case thickness: 6.5 mm

Movement type: quartz


Case material: stainless steel


Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch comments: This Feyada Qingcheng series watches returned in shape in a square surface. The new square dial, with the sharp lines of the lines, show the confident and capable style. Breaking the round watch, soft traditional retro elements, giving people a sharp and elegant charm. The ellipse orbit on the watch dial adopts a golden segmentation ratio, so that the watch has a unique personality but is not sharp. The geometric appearance is combined with oval art, combined with square circles, and retro and future are inseparable. The peacock green dial with silver -white steel belt awakens the wave of fashion retro.

Tissot Fashion Series T0581091603100

Product model: T0581091603100

Domestic public price: ¥ 2050

Watch diameter: 20*20 mm

Case thickness: 7.1 mm

Movement model: ETA 901.001

C case material: 316L essence steel

Watch comments: Tissota Love series square watches paid tribute to Tissot small watches in the 1960s with an eclectic design. The watch is designed with a 20mm compact table, with a square case to show extraordinary creativity, integrates classical elegance and modern innovation just right, exhibiting the described and determined style of modern women without losing elegance and implicit temperament. Silver square dial with a blue leather strap, showing the fashionable and modern temperament of the watch.

West Rail City Optical Power Table series EG7043-50W


Product model: EG7043-50W

Domestic public price: ¥ 2180

Watch diameter: 24*15 mm

Case thickness: 8 mm

Movement model: G620

C case material: stainless steel plating rose gold color

Watch comments: Since the release in 2009, the KII series of the West Rail City has maintained a consistent retro design, equipped with the world’s small G620 optical power movement and mini -size dial, but the time is clearly readable. between. The watch’s small retro design is classic and elegant. The G620 optical power movement can be used for 240 days after full charging, and the movement life of the movement can reach about 10-15 years. The slender dial is matched with a slim stream sand grid strap, free buckle, adjustable strap length, and more comfortable to wear.


Summary: The prices of the above three watches are around 2,000 yuan. The retro charm is full of fashion and versatile. It is a good choice for watchmakers who want to wear color to increase color and improve their temperament. Essence

Movement type: quartz

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Waterproof depth: 30 meters