Zuma Wei perfume list TOP 10, is your list?

I spent a woman, simply, but just before remembering a person, the smell always remembers her smell.

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

If you want to nominate a “Wonderful perfume is very expensive”, Zuma Wei must be famous in the list.

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Not only is the preferred choice for many gowsers into the pit, but also a favorite of all walks of life, such as Zhong Chu, Wang Yibo, Zhang Ruozhen.

Today, Abao gives you a copy.

Zuma Malong Jo Malone Popular Perfume TOP10

See if you are famous in the list?

TOP 10

Evening jade and angel grass

Time adjustment: Angel grass, citrus, powder pepper

Mid adjustment: Eve, jasmine, gardenia

Back: Amber, sandalwood, cedar wood

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

The Pawn, the Zumaron Black Bottle Series, the front mark is an angel herbs with a spicy herb, and the rear is a warm wooden aroma, which increases the depth for aroma.

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

In general, it is a spurting that it will feel very connotated!


Rat tide and sea salt

Time adjustment: juniper, citrus

Mid adjustment: sea salt

Post-adjustment: Rattail

The legendary boyfriend, the forward is very rushed, but the middle-rear adjustment is very good, like the faint atmosphere of the sea salt.

The rear stress is a wooden tone with nutty fragrance. It is a neutral incense that is easy to control.

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?


Red rose

Time adjustment: lemon

Mid adjustment: Red Rose

Rear adjustment: hive

If you like the taste of roses, you will definitely like this pure rose.


Peony and Rudget

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Red apple

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?


Rear adjustment; suede

The front pronouns is a crispy apple fragrance, with a small acid, and the peony incense, the peony in the sky will come out, as if see a picture of the peony while opening.

The post-adjusting leather flavor is not too significant, but it is a warm wooden fragrance.

If you love flowers very hot, then this bottle is very generous peony incent!


Orange flower

Time adjustment: citrus flowers

Mid adjustment: white lilac

Back adjustment: iris

Orange should be straight male straight to appreciate, taste a very summer.

The forward position is the feeling of orange peel, and the medium is pure white butcent, warm sunlight. The post is the iris wood, giant good!

Purely fresh, and more than the spray will not feel a fragrance that is annoying.


祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Blackberry with laurel leaves

Time adjustment: Blackberry

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Mid adjustment: Moon Leaf

Rear adjustment: cedar wood

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

The forward adjustment is the fruity of the blackberry sour, very sweet. In the mid-stage, it becomes a laurel leaf, and it can smell the taste of a grapefruit.

The post-adjustment became a thick and warm wooden fragrance, and wrapped in warmth.

This perfume is very unique, more than sweetness is the unique freshness ~ It is basically no need to worry about it.


Jasmine and calendula

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Time adjustment: calendula, lemon

Mid-adjustment: Sabah Jasmine, Yilan

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

After adjustment: resting, herbs, amber wood

This more is mainly with floral, spraying is a kind of vitality that makes people get from the girl, and to the mature feelings.


Take the basil and citrus

Time adjustment: citrus

Mid-adjustment: basil

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Afterward: amber wood / sandalwood / cedar wood

Opening is like just peeled oranges, citrus with a bright green.

Mid adjusting into a sweet basil, the taste is very unique, and the special freshness of citrus is very fascinating, but it is very charming.

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Compare neutral, suitable for autumn and summer, recommended to like lemon, citrus fragrance! Sunshine handsome boys are also very suitable ~

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?


Blue wind bell

Tightening: Blue Bell

Mid adjustment: persimmon

Rear adjustment: white musk

One of the perfumes of Zuma’s sanctuary, many male stars also love this.

Sprayed out has a feeling of hot summer bite the first ice watermelon, very clear and pleasant, no gentle, sweet, not tired.

The end is clean and soft, not sloppy with water. It is very suitable for use in summer!


British pears and freesia

Time adjustment: William pear

Mid adjustment: Frequity

祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

Rear adjustment: patchouli

Zuma’s hot money, classic classics! Most people recommended for extraordinary water, because its fragrance can really do “人 无 无”, but sweet and not greasy.

The rear tone is a wooden fragrance with a small sweet in the cool. This fragrance tastes really very very very good, suitable for all ages of spraying!

The above is the most popular TOP10 perfume you sort out. Which aroma do you like best? Welcome to the message area to plant it ~

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祖玛珑香水排行榜TOP 10,你的上榜了吗?

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