The bag buttons are still very market! Girl, you are so beautiful, how can you wear a bright spot?

The beach dress is really chic sexy! The upper clothes are strict and very temperament, look maturation

I don’t know if you have this feeling, many clothes hang in the closet, but the upper body is particularly good! Recently, I found that the clothes put on the door just looks good, the final effect is not as good as a clothes that looks angry. So this issue is like sharing some seems to be like, but the upper body has a temperament dress.


Look1. Bag hip skirt


Skirts that have been aesthetic, of course, is of course non-packaged skirts. This yellow embroidered bag hip skirt is not said and yellow is a very white color, the bronze girl will put it on it will have an elegant feeling. The following is a pair of white hate, it is very good.


It may be an age, recently like this big red dress, this dress is actually a detail, briefly, he is a simple dress, but if you look at it, you will find an extra one in his waist. Ribbons, the whole body into a pleated shape, special sexy ~


Speaking of the most sexy dress this year, certainly have such a chocolate color matching, the chocolate color national wind pattern of bag hip skirt, sexy abstinence coexistence, with a pair of cortical high boots very European and American banquet, but I It really can’t understand, is such a hot sky to wear this kind of shoes?

The best thing to look at it is the design of the shoulder, and the neck can make the dress skirt into a bow, just like the silk jokes often take the silk scarf, and have a good look, of course, you can also choose Go your own silk scarf.


The strapled bag hip skirt is in the body’s special sexy, natural pure black design has a lot of small details, the skirt is a gold proportion of artistic gold, the skirt is a small sweet style pleated dress design. The texture of the entire skirt is very tight and flexible, very highlighting the advantages of the body ~

Look2. Beach Skirt

Is there an instant to attract your eye? The color of this skirt is relatively gentle, with red flowers with red flowers with ancient Chinese style, Europeans specially like Chinese antique design, this beach dress is also the combination of Chinese and Western, so it seems special provision People like it.

A pure white swimsuit with a pink wave skirt, there is a feeling of jasmine princess in the Aladdin’s lamp? Bronze color with white unexpected coordination. This petal skirt is designed with a large beach strip, which is really satisfied with the girl’s heart.


White wave dresses are very much this year, but it is more like this kind of exposed navel. It has to be sighing that these new red body is so good. He is really envious of this small waist. The highlight of the skirt is half-naked design in the shoulders, there is a feeling of exotic style.

The whole skirt is the color of the peach, but this skirt is originally white, with red, I didn’t expect to fight together, there would be such unique effects, the shoulders of the skirt, I am the favorite super big petals, and then equipped with waist There is a unique feeling between white exaggerated belts.

Look3. Suite skirt


This Victorian bubble sleeve, I told everyone last summer that this year moved out, mainly because this kind of dress is too temperament. The upper body’s big round collar bubble show is equipped with a half skirt design, plus a pair of hate the height, it’s too good to see it?


Finally, a suite skirt, before Angelababy and Yang Mi, these comparative fire actresters all through the sush suit, and then I feel that this style comparative version is really good, this time I saw a suit. Skirt, I will find it to you.

It is the design of the fork. Of course, this fork can be adjusted by himself. The most important thing is that his design of his collar V is almost 90 degrees. It will not meet the effect of the neck to pull the neck like a small V collar, just with a thick-bottomed slipper is so temperament ~

Some clothes will not have anything special, but wear it is really amazing, don’t know if there is a skirt that makes you a heart?