European antique clockwork art, France 19th century fireplace decoration landscape watch

The exquisite fireplace is decorated with a landscape clock, consisting of a mechanical pendulum clock and two large candlesticks. The landscape material is a carved bronze, surface gold plating, matt and lighting process.

The top of the mechanical pendulum should have a homcer suction (decoration). The incense can be filled with fruits and flowers, and the waist line is decorated with a staggered leaf and hangs four sheep heads. The mechanical watch body is placed in a square, decorating the vortex wall column on both sides. Above the wall, there are wreaths and moon branches.

The middle of the bottom base is raised outward, and the waist line is in the middle of the waist, and the two ends are reflective. Middle in the middle of the base, steel cyan panels are inlaid, and the edge is inlaid. There is a WedGwood Medal in the middle of the base. The base is the bottom of the eight Louis paragraphs.


The dial is colorful, mechanical movement recording time and monthly dates.

Each of the candlesticks on both sides has a mermaid with a bin wings. Holding a spiral stream of sci-shaped signs, which is on a part of a total of eight candlestick trays, and the top is a pine cone. The base and clock of the two candlesticks are decorated with steel cyan panels, and the edge is inlaid with mini pearls. There is also a WedGwood medal on the middle side of the base, and the other side is the Qingjinyan small board. Each base also has eight Louis hexadecion feet.


Louis sixteen style

French artists, created in France, nineteenth centuries, about 1870.

Napoleon III


Dial signature: Beurdeley

Paris Beurdeley Handmade Factory

Work size

Watch height: 60 cm – Width: 45 cm – depth: 18 cm

Candlestick Height: 62 cm – Width: 30 cm – Depth: 12 cm

# 欧洲 古董 #

# 古董 收藏 #


# 古 董古 玩 #



# 收藏 # #