Depending order, dehydration is not! This ultra-super large capacity cup, it’s enough to drink a cup a day.

Recently, the weather is getting hot, this temperature rises, people are particularly prone to appetite.

It doesn’t matter if you eat less.

The key is that hydrating is more and more important to us.


Especially in the summer, we are sitting in the air-conditioned room most of our time, and the cool and comfortable environment is easy to think that you don’t need moisture.


Every time I wait until the mouth, I think it is a bit late.

In accordance with the recommendation of the Meal Guide of China Nutrition Society,


Drink enough 1.5 liters of water enough every day, it is almost 8 cups of water.

Do you need to do more?

Drinking more boiled water not only supplements the lost moisture, but also accelerate metabolism, heat dissipation, maintaining electrolyte balance and adjusting body temperature, etc. …

Sitting in the office, don’t say to play a glass of water, even if you are called takeaway, you can’t wait to send the table, you don’t want to move.


This is not enough to be in summer, you can go, can not take it!

SO! Xiaobian will recommend this large capacity today.


Beika Bebk Water Cup –

How much capacity is it?

That is, you only need to play a water every day, you can save you enough for 8 cups of water, or even more!

In fact, this sportswater cup has already been hot,

Explosive water cup

No matter what Xiaobian is also recommended to you!

↓ Come, plant grass!

A total of three colors,

Deep sea blue, olive green, gentleman black

Each is very good to see a texture.


Usually outdoor sports, travel, fitness, office, etc., using multi-scenes, carrying hands with loop cap, I want to pick it to!

Sports Water Cup Recommended Reason:

1,1700 / 2300 / 3000ml three types of capacity selection;

2, strictly select food grade material, heat resistance, no odor;

3, widened handle design, bottle body wear resistance;

4, sealed leak-proof, port design is easy to clean;

5, with the removable straw, drink water, more intimate!


Select food grade material

Heat resistance, no odor


No matter what cup, the most important thing is the material.

The sportswater cup of Beijao is used.

Food grade PP, PC material

These materials are mostly used to make a cup, a kettle, and a bottle.


The water cup passed the third party’s authoritative test report,

Fully comply with the test items such as “Food Safety National Standard”.

Not only that, the cup also has a great anti-fall performance, daily to the ground, bringing outdoors, not afraid of bumps.

At the same time, the cup with high temperature and low temperature, can be loaded with 80-100 ° hot water, no abnormality is not deformable, broken.


And because of the reasons of the PC material, the transparency of the cup body is very high, the cup is quite online.

Usually summer bream, milk tea, lemonade, fruit tea, flower tea can, beautiful and beautiful.

Three super large capacity selection


A cup of capacity topped 8 cups

Summer weather is hot, exercise sweating, the physical strength is large, and there is much moisture loss. Naturally, moisture is also added.

And many people don’t like drinking water, nothing is too lazy to go to water, after all, are called afar …

And the North Kaidth Motion Cup has three large-capacity cups,


1700ml, 2300ml, 3000ml, respectively


Even if you choose the minimum capacity cup, it is also fully satisfied with the demand for daily drinking water.


The oversized capacity cup design, usually the office will have to drink water, you have to drink water, give you no drink, you find new countermeasures.

Everyday I only love to drink milk tea, my drink, I force my water cup of water, I have saved a lot of milk tea, and harvested health!


Cup body has a precise water scale

For small partners with fat, fitness, can be more scientifically drinking!

Sealed leak-proof, intimate hand ring

Western design, convenient cleaning


In terms of detail, the water cup is tightly leaked, and it is not worried about leaking in the backpack.

More intimate is,


Now buying a cup also comes with a detachable straw

Usually drinking water, there is no “” to the water.

The bottom of the straw is a fan, foldable design

It is not only easy to drink water, but also don’t worry about the cover.

Of course, you can also drink directly to the bottle mouth without a straw, but it is a little fee, but the right to practice the arm!

The carrier cap with the loop cap can withstand a large tension, do not worry about the water cup after being filled with water.

After opening the bottle cap, it is a super wide port design, which is not only easy to clean.

The structure inside the cup is very simple, there is no other filter layer, etc., it is not easy to hide, clean and completely without dead ends.


I don’t have to worry about cleaning.

Beijao sports cup 39 yuan

And deep blue, olive green, gentleman black three color options, and 1700ml, 2300ml, 3000ml three capacity selection, everyone can purchase according to needs!

Not only can you use it yourself or give a colleague friend. As long as you put it on your hand, you will always have to drink water, develop a good drinking habit, you can also send it to your elders, usually like outdoor sports, fishing, mountain climbing, you can Bring this cup!


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My oversized glass capacity is 3000ml

¥ 39