Scarecrow leather handbags, details of details show unique taste

The money clip is a personal item. His privacy even exceeds his mobile phone. The money clip not only represents your identity, but also reflects your taste, personal lifestyle, etc. You seem to be completely unwavering. The scarecrow, the classic bag type, exquisite workmanship, has a particular face in his hand, raising his hands to exude the unique charm of men.


The cortex of this handbag is made of the first layer of cowhide. The material itself has its own noble atmosphere. The classic black is low -key and luxurious. It feels very delicate. The length is about 20 cm. Light and convenient. The bag has the pressure of wheat ears, which brings a good sense of design to the entire bag.


When pulling the zipper, it is very easy and smooth. Put it out to avoid mutual wear between various items, and it is more convenient to get.


Don’t look at the size of this bag. The design of the wind piano folds makes this tolerance more item and meets more needs. A good avoidance or loss of hand packs.

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