Come here, take you to understand the official hat chair in the study in 5 minutes

Come here, take you to understand the official hat chair in the study in 5 minutes

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In the Chinese classical furniture chair, the official hat chair is known for its tall, simple, and smooth lines. The back side of the chair is an S -shaped, with auspicious grain ornaments on the back board. It is a classic representative of Ming -style furniture.


There are two types of official hat chairs, namely: Nanguan Hat chair, four -headed official hat chairs.

What is Nanguan Hood?

Nanguan Hat chair, the ancient craftsmen call it a “chair”.

The characteristic is that the brain and the handrails are not available, giving a sense of elegance and roundness.

What is the official hat chair of the four -headed official?

The four -headed official hat chair, also known as the “North Official”, is the head of the chair and the armrests. It is named after its style is similar to the ancient official hat.

Where is the official hat chair suitable for placing?

Official hat chairs are common seats. They have a wide range of use and comfortable and beautiful. They are suitable for being placed in halls or outdoor outdoor gardens.

From the perspective of traditional customs, who is suitable for official hats?

In the Song Dynasty, the south was mostly exiled. Therefore, most of the southern official hats and chairs were not in their heads.


There are many “Beijing officials” in the north.

In this culture, the four -headed official hat chair is mostly a seat for the nobles, while the South Guan hat chair is mainly ordinary people or informal occasions.


An official hat chair, deleted and simple aesthetic, dignified and atmospheric, whether in ancient times to the present, in the hall or in the study, calmly sitting, stable and peaceful.


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