Why are you wearing a cross -column vest? You wear an uncle? Huang Xiaoming only understands for so many years

I don’t know if you remember “Beijing Bikini”?

It is a kind of “dressing” that the northern uncle often tries in summer!


Wearing a split vest, rolled the lower half of the part, cool and personality ~

This kind of move has made many foreign friends follow the follow -up,

But they don’t seem to have the temperament of the uncle ~ and the T -shirt really does not feel like a column vest.

When it comes to cross -column vests, many people will have a question,


Why do some people wear vests as types of men out of the street, and some people are uncle walking birds?

Is there really a thousand people in the hearts of a thousand people?

Of course not, European and American men also wore cross -column vests to rush the street!


Maybe everyone has noticed, it seems to be a matter of figure gap?

【Abandoning non -mainstream】


In fact, it is not the case. When Huang Xiaoming was young, he also had a little muscle.

Why wearing the vest is soil to drop the residue, and it is too greasy!

Look carefully at the vest he wears, the picture on the left is sexy hollow, and the picture on the right is the mainstream of tassels!

Huang Xiaoming cannot wear a vest, but the level of aesthetics has not been reached!

The vests he used to wear were a bit handsome or showed …


But in recent years, Huang Xiaoming’s vest has suddenly become stylish!

The main reason is that he puts on the basic vest, and there is no other modification.

No longer engage in so many black elements on the body,

If you wear a vest, the simpler the better, less, otherwise it is really oil ~

[Tightly choose it]

But it is not to say that as long as you wear a minimalist vest!

Some people have no big chain and small hollow on the basic model.


Why is it full of uncle?

We can take a look, basically all good figure male gods,

The selected vests are tight, and they can show their own lines!

If your body is ribs, don’t think about it, it will be like a weak chicken.

If you have to wear loose vests, it is recommended to choose a version of the basketball vest,

This general neckline is relatively small and the shoulder straps are wider, bringing a strong sense of movement.


In fact, whether it is tight or loose vests, it is not too large to choose the neckline.

Otherwise, it will really seem to be very infiltrated in gay!

If it is a loose vest, it must be a small neckline, so that there is no feeling of unswerving clothes.

【A few thunder areas】

Even if you have a good figure, you have learned how to choose the vest,


There are still some people challenging everyone’s aesthetic bottom line!

If you wear a cross -column vest, you can’t tie it into your pants anyway!


Especially when you choose the vest and trousers, you will lose it thoroughly ~

If it is tight vest tied into the trousers, there will be a feeling of not wearing clothes.

If it is a loose vest, you will feel sloppy whether you tie it into the trousers!


Compared with the gay gay matching method of vest with trousers,


It’s better to match big shorts like Beckham,

Leisure to the extreme, it will not make people feel sloppy, but it is very sporty!

Xiaobian also knows that summer is hot, wearing vests is the coolest,

But don’t lose your temperament while choosing cool ones ~

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