LOEWE Luo Yiwei Long Lamb Leather Women’s Wallet

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包这个拍出来的颜色和肉眼看见的基本上是一样的!

Previously, my girlfriend used the Kate Spade wallet, but after seeing the news push, I knew that Kate Spade’s life was stunned soon and we were more convenient to go to Hong Kong. Go straight to the other side. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

The train at 8 am and arrived in Hong Kong at 10 o’clock. I ate something simple and went straight to the Harbor City of Tsim Sha Tsui. As a result, I saw the scene at the door of the Prada.

It’s almost the same as buying cabbage. I put one or two people in each time, and I was still Amway in the queue! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Tell us two little silk silk to invest in depositing money for financial management. It was finally discharged. As a result, the styles that they looked at were not discounted, and the discounted styles were not available. Sure enough, they were deceptive in fairy tales. Then I went to Gucci and MIUMIU. The discounts in it were really not mentioned. The two of us were like cold water at this moment, and our hearts were cold. Is it going to roll back like this? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Both people’s outline fares are 800, okay! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包

At this time, the two of us are like two defeated roosters (wrong, right, rooster and hen) wandering on the streets of Hong Kong. Let’s take a look, she said, can I say can’t I say?

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包细节图让值友们看看清楚,上面那个是金属的loewe品牌标志,五金也挺不错的

When you enter the door, you can see that a poster probably means that you can get 300 yuan cash coupons on the first floor to buy things on the second floor. Women you know, discount is equivalent to the meaning of sending in vain! Don’t buy it, I’m sorry for yourself! As a result, I bought a Givenchy’s lipstick 295 on the first floor, and gave a 300 yuan voucher. According to her logic, we also made 5 fast! Intersection Intersection

Looking at the second floor at a glance, Huangtian lived up to someone! I bought a bag! The first shop is LOEWE, I am a Real Madrid fan, and you know next! Don’t let buy other! Just buy this! Intersection Intersection Intersection (Just kidding, can our men have the right to speak? After watching a lot of people, my girlfriend feels that the leather of LOEWE is the best, and relatively low -key.

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包

Let ’s put a LOEWE Baidu Encyclopedia first. This is also a few luxury brands in Spain. I heard that it is dedicated to the Spanish royal family.

The world -renowned Spanish fashion shop Loewe was founded by Enrique Loewe Roessberg in 1846. LOEEWE adheres to the consistent high -level production technology, the main products are: leather goods, clothing, perfume, glasses, etc. The history of the Loewe brand has spanned the two centuries. Since the 19th century, Luo Yiwei has been the best brand in Spain. Its famous leather supplies are decorated at a time, with meticulous manual and exquisite, and the Mediterranean culture with a strong romantic and elegant sentiment. Color, winning the world’s identity.

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包五金的细节也很不错!

Well, I have said a lot, I believe everyone is annoying, and now I started to officially put the map.

This is the original model color and scratches, which also proves that the lambskin really needs to be protected well, otherwise it is terrible.

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包一共有这五种颜色,红色容易破产不考虑,紫色本人觉得比较乡村风,两个金色让女朋友自己选,她选了深金色(实物看起来还要深色一点,比较偏向咖啡色了),好吧,就这么愉快的决定了!(网上说金色招财 )果不其然,埋单的时候店员竟然告诉我们不知道为什么深金色便宜1000港币,按照女朋友的逻辑!我们这是赚了1000块!!!!!

There are five colors in total. The red is easy to go bankrupt and does not consider it. The purple itself feels more rural style. The two golden color let her girlfriend choose it by herself. Well, it’s so pleasant to decide! (Saying gold on the Internet) Surmoid, the clerk told us not to know why the dark gold is cheaper 1,000 Hong Kong dollars, according to the logic of his girlfriend! We made 1,000 yuan! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

The box looks relatively low -key and has a good realistic sense. Hala Madrid! Intersection Intersection (Although the National Derby was done by Barcelona 4)

The dust bag that is randomly attached is necessary. It is not the same as other brands. There is no printed brand on its dust bag, but there is a small sign in the lower left corner.

Passion! Intersection Intersection Finally, there are a lot of instructions for the Lushan True face warranty card! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包好了,给值友们看看它的容量!真的很能装!!!(既能装x也能装东西!)

The color of this shot is basically the same as the naked eye!

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包

The real material is calculated, and the interval and lining are all calfskin.

The details let the friends look clear, the one above is the metal Loewe brand logo, and the hardware is also pretty good.

The details of the hardware are also very good!

Details, the lines of the lining also printed LOGO!

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包

Okay, show it to the values ​​to see its capacity! Really installed! Intersection Intersection (Can be pretended x or stuff!)

Twenty Grandpa Mao plus a bunch of loose tickets, a nokia Lumia930 (I am a tear) card, and there is no pressure to close! If I am practical 100 points, I give him a score!

Real beast, girlfriend’s hand.

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包随机附送的防尘袋是必须的啦,和其他牌子不太一样,它的防尘袋上面没印品牌,只是左下角有个小小的标志。

My fat claws!

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包我的胖爪!

Compared with the old Kate Spade, this previous Grandpa Mao was very troublesome. I also thought that Kate Spade was also pretty good. There is a gap in this comparison. If you are not afraid of knowing the goods, you are afraid of the goods!

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包这个是最初的样板色,划痕很多,也证明了小羊皮确实需要好好保护,要不然惨不忍睹。

The price chart at this original price of 5250 (other color 6250) was used for 50 % off, and the previous 300 coupons mentioned earlier 3375 Hong Kong dollars were also used, equivalent to RMB 2780.

The same type of different color milk tea east 3780 will also be a third -party seller

LOEWE 罗意威 长款小羊皮 女式钱包

So I feel that I still buy it very well, the price is low and it is true! But the most valuable thing is that girlfriends often like it. It’s hard to buy a lot of money! Just give her a Christmas gift! She is happy! Intersection Intersection Not to mention, I took the soil and went to PS: I found that I found that I was wrong, and I used my girlfriend’s number to send

LOEWE Luo Yiwei Long Lamb Leather Women’s Wallet