Zhongdao clothing stainless steel display shelf custom manufacturer

With the development of the trend, people’s vision levels have improved, such as the counter, museum’s showcase, and the veterans of the Human Resources market, these are other roles and forms of the display rack, and the exhibition shelf can be made with a variety of materials. , Iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

Among them, the use of Stainless steel production is good, with a good anti-corrosion resistance, long service life, strong load-bearing, good performance, good load-bearing, and technological environmental protection, color can be plated, and electroplated color does not fade without fading, There is no odor. More and more sought after by the clothing store.

Stainless steel shelves

1. Stainless steel frame belongs to the frame structure, which can make full use of space, improve spatial utilization, and increase storage capacity.


2, use stainless steel frame to store the goods, do not squeeze the goods, the loss is small.


3, stainless steel frame to place the cargo, clear and clear, convenient, clear.

4, the use of stainless steel racks is an important reason to moisture, dust, and damage.

China Island Stainless Steel Clothing Exhibition Hand is convenient, beautiful, and can make a full display of clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. The smart Medium Island shelf design, can also prevent the formation of space waste, make full use of space, add more texture to the store; women’s clothing and children’s clothing are very suitable


The height, length, and width of the Sino-Stainless Steel Clothing display rack, the stainless steel clothing display stands take less than the height of the human body, but there are very few standard sizes. It is necessary to design according to the actual decoration, the color is common with gold, silver white Color, matte black, pink, gray, etc., can be selected according to actual store decoration style


The Zhongdao Stainless Steel Clothing Exhibition has been placed after cooldment and anti-fingerprint process, and the texture is more guaranteed. You can also imitate the old process to make the clothing store more light luxury, nor will it fade. The load gravity is strong, and it is rugged. The brightness can also reflect the bright brightness according to the light and angular changes. The style can meet different clothing shopping malls, specialty stores, dry cleaning shops and home, anywhere requiring clothing and storage.