Boys’ backpacks are very “reeling”? These bags are explosive! Men and women can carry

Men’s bags and women’s bags have been recommended a lot. Today, everyone recommends the super beautiful neutral wind bag. Remember to like the collection ~

Dior camp


In addition to the super high value, this bag can not be said. The capacity of the eye can also see the fat intestine Nes. Because the shoulder strap can be adjusted, there are many types of back method, and the design is relatively versatile.

Flag Bag

Taking the Chanel classic bag as the base, like a small schoolbag, with a metal with a metal leather strap, the length can be adjusted. Belt is also unique as a decoration.

Malaysia buckle 1955

GUCCI’s Majie Duck 1955 believes that everyone is well known anymore. It is amazing in the 2020 early spring series. This brown flip bag is more suitable for autumn and winter. Everyone in the previous notes can be interested in seeing it.


Burberry canvas leather bag

Burberry’s Tot has a large amount of tolerance, and the color -colored design is very different from the previous grid design. The self -weight is also normal.

Celine triangle bag


The classic triumphal printing with this unique triangle shape makes this bag very distinctive, and there are other colors to choose from.


Puzzle edge


There are many leather bags of LOEWE, and there are many packages suitable for men and women, but this is super recommended by this person. It can be folded. There is a zipper layer behind it. It is very convenient.


The BV home rarely produces some strange shapes. This bag is particularly designed. The front is like a triangle toast, and the side is like a white dumplings.