59 -year -old Xu Jinjiang’s domineering shape, work pants+denim jackets, tough guys! Love denim hat

Speaking of Xu Jinjiang, everyone would think of him as an excellent actor for the first time, and has shaped many classic characters over the years.

He is not only very dedicated to acting during acting, but also has a personality daily. Especially his latest denim style, the tide is full of charm. The family of three looked very happy, his son was tall and handsome, and inherited his father’s good genes. The three people’s shapes are very stylish, and walking together seems to be a denim style of parent -child outfits.

In particular, Xu Jinjiang’s denim style is particularly eye -catching. The matching of their family is very interesting. It seems that the different shapes are actually using the method of matching the same items to express the unified style. For example, the son’s Martin boots and Xu Jinjiang’s cool black boots, the lady’s carved denim hat and his hat are obviously also couples, including Xu Jinjiang and his son’s cross -body bags are also extremely similar in color.


Xu Jinjiang’s temperament is very stylish, and he is tall and masculine. So this denim jacket can be worn by him, which is very handsome. Under normal circumstances, if your personal image is not able to reach, it is easy to wear denim out of a casual feeling, although you look youthful but not mature enough.

Although his denim jacket looks particularly young in color tone, because of the combined style and stylish combination, the whole shape looks more mature.

Another highlight of the shape is the combination of leather crossbody bags and denim hats. The brown tone is very feeling of western denim. Including hats and models are standard models, so the entire shape looks very domineering. This hat not only looks handsome, but also very modest to make people look thinner. He was originally 186cm in height. He made the shape more atmospheric.


The matching of dark pants is also very good, and the casual style is very thin. If you wear a casual pants alone, the aura is somewhat weak, so he is very domineering with a black short boots. At the same time, the leather texture of the short boots also makes the overall style more uniform.


In order to make the temperament of the hat more outstanding, he chose a cool black sunglasses. This looks more temperamental, and it can also play a small role. Workers, jeans jackets, and leather boots are all necessary to create tough guys.

The overall styling fashion single elements are very rich, so the simple and clear styles are selected inside, so as not to win the lord. The white bottoming shirt is very matched with a denim jacket, which set off the temperament of the jacket. At the same time, it is also very matched with pants, and the dark shades are even more highlighted.

Xu Jinjiang likes denim style. This treasure blue jacket with black thin leg pants is also a cool denim fan. The short shirt is just exposed to the black belt, and the middle boots make the overall effect more refined. The white bottoming shirt makes the shape more layered. A metal texture necklace is very cool. The blue pattern small hat is high and the face is small.

There is also this hip -hop baseball suit, exaggerated patterns and gorgeous colors are all expressing fashion. At the same time, the main position of this coat is also determined from the shape, so in terms of the choice of pants and shoes, it is simple blue water washed jeans and small white shoes. The hat of the denim wind is also a low -key khaki, and the overall shape looks cool and fashionable.


This red and blue contrasting shape is also full of fashion, and the red baseball uniform is very figure. The black stripes also make the whole shape more fashionable, and it is very eye -catching with dark blue jeans. Because the hue of the pants and tops is very single, he chose a black -bottomed style on the choice of the denim hat. In this way, it plays a good finishing touch, and the fashion sense of the whole style has improved a lot instantly.

Not only can the colorful tone wears the sense of fashion, the elegant cold color can also wear a good effect. Light blue jeans look simple and comfortable, and short jackets with black and chocolate stitching are very temperament. The black stitching of a pair of black leather shoes echoes, a black -bottomed denim hat hat is low -key and elegant.

Each shape is inseparable from denim elements, showing his deep love for denim wind. However, the proportion and personal temperament are very good. He controls the denim style. At the age of 59, it is still full of tough guys.


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