How to choose a baby quilt? From sleeping bag to down, I summarized my journey of my heart

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It is said that the baby is a treasure of parents, and it is really wrong to review this year. I didn’t chop my own things, but I had entered a lot of things to the little guy. Different from the newborn stocking (stocking is some urine, paper towels, wet towels, toy books, etc.). As the baby grows, abstain from urine and milk has become the norm. The child has changed to more needed and practical things, such as clothes, shoes, learning tools, bedding, and so on.

The landlord suddenly found that there are really a lot of quilt purchased and used this year, so the quilt will be summarized in this article, all kinds, and the price is also expensive from cheap to expensive. Woolen cloth?

1. Sleeping bag

For many families, for the newborn baby, in addition to the early stage of the hospital, his first “quilt” must be a sleeping bag. The landlord also bought a lot of sleeping bags, of course, including summer and winter.

Like babies and Mile fish are the explosion in the station. It is not expensive in terms of price. It only takes 100 yuan after different styles. This may also be one of the reasons why many people start.


The original poster started with the above -mentioned baby model. The reason why the sleeping bag is one of the quilts is because it can also be called a anti -kick quilt. Due to the characteristics of the baby’s love, this quilt is derived.

Sleeping bags are mainly divided into two types. One is one of the legs.




Fabric ingredient: Cotton in the table

Fill: Polyester fiber

▼ The cuff can be split, combined with the baby’s state, two ways to wear.


▼ Three -way zipper for the design of the diapers.

▼ The warmth of the winter sleeping bag is still very good, but after all, the baby’s sleeping bag is cheap, and it is still a bit of a ball.



The advantages and disadvantages of sleeping bags are complementary, and the advantages reveal their shortcomings. Sleeping bags are free to design activities, wide hems, and large activity space, but this activity space is also limited to turning over at night. The three -way zipper is convenient for changing diapers, elastic cuffs and foot mouth. It is not tight. Although it is settled with a convenient multi -directional zipper, it is also limited to the conversion of diapers at night. For people with urine, the urine at night became a big trouble, and it was not fast to fade him away from the sleeping bag of this winter.

In general, sleeping bags still have certain limitations. It is suitable for babies 0-1-2 years old. Once the baby will go, when he wakes up in the morning, he will stand up. It is not convenient for babies to abstain from urine. However, the advantages are worthy of recognition. The wrapping and warmth are very good, but the breathability is a flaw. Having said that, compared to winter sleeping bags, summer sleeping bags are relatively much used.

Second, fiber quilt


When the sleeping bag was eliminated by the landlord, the landlord used a fiber quilt, which was the price of more than 100 yuan. We all know that children will feel more enthusiastic than us, so the fiber quilt can also be universal in four seasons, but because of this characteristic, summer will appear overheated.


The landlord’s family is the fiber of a good child, and the child is purchased. It is also because the host’s crib is a good child, and the effect of the bed is very satisfactory, so the second quilt chose it.

Fabric composition: 100%cotton

Core: 100%polyester fiber

▼ Basically, it is in line with the size before the age of 3, and it looks more convincing after stacked.

▼ It is okay to use a year or two for a year or two, and there is no flaw.

▼ The thickness is thin, mainly very light.

▼ The fiber is bombarded lightly, and the backing feeling is also good.

▼ It is very convenient to cover it at hand. It still has a good acceptance for the baby who has just been exposed to the real quilt.


The material of the fiber is consistent with the material of the sleeping bag, but after making a quilt, the breathability is far better than the structure of the sleeping bag. Its lightweight characteristics are also very suitable for babies. If the baby has some disgusting to sleeping bags and many babies are unwilling to wear, then fiber will be a good choice. But at the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious. Because of the lightness, the wrapping is not strong enough, and the quilt is easy to kick. The quilt of this specification is generally small, the size is about 140*110, and the warmth is also average. In other words, the baby grows up. It will be eliminated soon.

In general, the fiber is also suitable for babies before the age of 2. The baby is too small. The biggest advantage is to be light and convenient. It is more convenient whether it is covered or stacked, but later the landlords start to be careful to keep warm.


Third, cotton quilt

I do n’t know if you have found that if you go to the e -commerce platform to search for a quilt, the fabric is cotton after ten o’clock in eight or nine o’clock, and the filling is basically fiber, not a quilt in our understanding!

So we need to search for “cotton quilts” to buy.

The quilt has not been used for a long time at home. For old -fashioned cotton quilts (the kind of people looking for cotton outside himself), you don’t need to think about it. The weight of 10 pounds must not be suitable for babies because it is too heavy!

So customized children’s quilts are quite cheap. It only costs tens of yuan in 8 pounds in Xinjiang Changye cotton.

Although the weight of the adult cover has a good decrease, it is still a bit more focused. After buying, you have to put a quilt. The cotton quilt can be said to be exclusive in winter, so the general quilt will have a cold sense, so the landlord puts it on the quilt of flange.

The warmth of this cotton quilt is beyond doubt, and the “pressure covering” is also very strong. This may be very comfortable for adults or big children, but for children who were three or five years old, the original poster feels that the original poster feels It is not appropriate, so the cotton of this bed is currently overdue to the mother as an overwhelming autumn and winter. The old man is afraid of cold, and the transition period is pretty appropriate. The daughter of the landlord has just been 3 years old and still has a sense of rejection. I think it is mainly due to weight. If you reach the transition period of elementary school, the landlord feels almost appropriate.


Fourth, blanket

It makes sense that before the age of 3, it is better to use a quilt to give your baby directly. Of course, the blanket is not suitable for summer. Whether it is coral velvet or flaw or it can be better than this so -called “cloud blanket”, they are actually blankets and will not be too different. Just sew.


The blanket of the landlord’s house is a birth gift given to the baby for relatives. It is not the above, but the same is similar. For this one, there are 2 standard children’s size to choose from, and the weight is 500g and 1000g, both of which are comparison. suitable.


▼ The feel of the blanket is very good and can be used directly.


▼ 2 blankets in the home, one can be covered, one can be cushion.

▼ As long as the blanket has a good workmanship, it is usually no problem to use.

The blanket should not talk about elasticity and breathability, but the moment of touching the moment of touching, it is really good.


▼ In winter, it is enough to match pajamas, which is also a pill.

The blankets are very comfortable to touch, and they can not use a quilt, but its size is not too large, but it is not too small. Its biggest advantage is that it can be washed, without deformation, no shrinking, and not fading! It is easy to store and clean, and the use is relatively wide. There is no problem with the early winter or winter nap. When the baby grows up or even reads, the blanket can still be used. When the cushions are all possible, there is no need to say more.

To say that it is not enough, it is not appropriate in the winter, and the insulation is not good. If it is used as the usage of the use of other quilts, it will also increase a lot of weight, and it is better to use a cotton quilt.

Five, down quilt

In the end, the host recently, that is, the down dwelling quilt of the double twelve, the discount price of 1989, simply in terms of price, there will be a small gap with the quilt of other materials. Especially in the quilt of children, the price seems more expensive, but it feels very good for almost a week. Let’s leave the price behind!

Thanks to the landlord’s love for the five -star down quilt, he is currently a down quilt. Earlier, the down of each brand of each brand was rated horizontally. In the same price, Sidanda’s performance was still better, so this time I also entered the daughter. The size of 1.5*2 can also make children use no problem in junior high school. It is equivalent to the cost of getting back to the starting cost.

This down is weighing 600g. At the same time, because of the characteristics of the down, the fluffyness, cleanliness, and breathableness are advantageous, and it will have a feeling of “floating”. In other words, compared with the same weight blanket, this weight is lighter than the same weight blanket, which is like one kilogram of cotton and one kilogram of steel?

Fabric: 100 full -all -all satin fabrics

Fill: 95%of the big white goose down

▼ Different from adult’s down is, this child is adopted by arc -shaped seams. When covering, it can be more fitted with the lock temperature to prevent leakage from cooling.

▼ The pressure of the 3CM18 needle can greatly reduce the possibility of drilling velvet.

▼ The down is guaranteed to keep the insulation, and it also maintains a good lightness.

▼ The thermal insulation nature of the down can be referred to the data of the adult quilt made by the original poster.

▼ The down is impeccable, whether it is fluffy or reflected, the only deficiency is that it is a bit cold to touch directly in winter.


▼ Because the down is light, the acceptance of the baby is also very high, and you can open it to sleep. The disadvantage is that the color is white, and it is best to put a quilt.


Nearly two thousand down quilts during this event are actually not luxurious for children. Because other quilts have one or two limitations, the down can be truly “universal” and can be used from the age of 3 to teenage! This is why the landlord decided to start a down duvet quilt after thinking about it before twelve twelve. One or two hundred quilts supported the cover cover for 3 years. One or two thousand down was covered for more than 10 years. It was quite worthwhile to think about it.

Although the weight of the down quilt is heavier than the fiber, it only has a weight of 600g. This weight is the same as the small blanket, which is lighter than other general materials, especially compared with the cotton quilt … In addition to the weight advantage, its breathability The warmth can be made with high scores. In addition, the price is placed here, from the line to the fabric, it is difficult to pick up from the inside out. But because it is light, it will cause the phenomenon of “kick quilt”, but the size of this down quilt is 1.5*2, which is slightly larger than ordinary children. The number of times will not be too many.



It is another link to one summary ~~~ Because the material is different, and the price is relatively different. In fact, the significance is not great, so let’s summarize some points in the previous form.

But having said that the price is a factor that can never be avoided. The price of sleeping bags, fiber quilts, quilts, and blankets is basically within 200, and the price of down the down is 2K. However, the down is becoming more and more practical as the child grows older, and the use time will be long. In fact, the price is acceptable for many years. If you need to be affordable, the landlord is still recommended for fiber quilts. If it is a newborn, you choose to sleep. If you need to use the scene flexible, choose a blanket. If the child is very large, you can consider the cotton quilt.