Do you know these commonly used size measuring instruments during online detection?

Depending on the requirements of the section and the detection, the geometric size required for different rolling materials is different. The common section detection has width, thickness, straight line, length, outer diameter and other dimensions. Different rolling materials have different detection instruments.


Common size measuring instrument

Photoelectric diameter

The photoelectric diameter is the basic outer diameter measurement equipment. The outer diameter size detection is completed with a single test. Essence

In addition to the various tests completed by a single -axis diameter, a variety of sizes were also detected through the transformation of the head measurement.


The above -mentioned dual -testing single axis can complete the high -precision detection of large diameter rolling materials by expanding the spacing of the measured head. And install the function of automatic adjustment of the head measurement, thereby completing rolling material detection of various outer diameter size. At the same time, this measurement method is also applicable to the width detection of ultra -wide board.


Multi -test multi -axis is a parallel layout through multiple groups. The rolling line detection that can produce multiple rolling materials at the same time is also applicable to cutting and rolling, which can save funds and venues.

The multi -axis diameter can detect the outer diameter size and calculate the ellipse size size. It can also be detected online.

The combination of the two diameter measuring instruments completes the detection of the thickness of the insulation layer, that is, one completion line detection, one to complete the cable formation detection, and the thickness size of the insulation layer can be obtained through calculation. According to this method of detecting Such production model.

Through the combination of three diameter measuring meters, a straight line detection can be completed. It can also be performed online. The main principle is that the two front and rear diameters are responsible for fitting a straight line, and the middle measurement diameter is responsible for detecting the distance from the line to complete the detection of straight lines.


Width measuring instrument

The width measuring instrument is divided into a variety of detection principles, photoelectric, machine vision, laser, etc. The commonly used is optical detection principles, and it is divided into parallel light detection method, wide -angle measurement method and two methods. Three different detection needs, high accuracy, high accuracy, low accuracy, and high fluctuations are high.

Thick measuring instrument


The detection principles commonly used in the thickness measuring instrument are photoelectric, laser, and rays, which are commonly used for high -precision detection of any width plate and thin plate with a narrow plate, general thickness, and a thin plate.


Length measurement


Based on machine vision, the length of the image is calculated by laying up one or more industrial cameras to complete the image of the image by rolling materials from glowing or lighting.

Contour and surface defect measurement

The outline of the laser principle can be comprehensive to detect the rolling material. The defect size of 0.5mm and above can be detected, and the contour can be calculated. It is suitable for the online surface defect detection of the long material.


The commonly used geometric size measuring instruments are the above types, but the instruments are fixed, but they can customize different measurement equipment through detection requirements, such as measuring wide measuring instruments, wide measurement verses, and diameter diameter lines. and many more. All provide convenience for production, reduce costs, and contribute to the efficiency of detection and product quality.