Exclusive secrets! The new type of border patrol is pretended to be “bringing goods list”

Source: China Military Network WeChat · PLA News Communication Center Rong Media Author: Wu Xingjian Li Jiaqi

Recently, the new border patrols of multiple varieties

Instant our army’s border defense forces


In this “black technology” border defense “supply box”


There are cool anti -glare glasses


There are lightweight and warm -preserving cold prevention training coats

There are multi -function kettles that can cook and heat up

From top to bottom, from the inside out

Follow the actual situation, in line with actual combat


Just to protect every border officer and soldiers

Today, the editor of the military network will “bring the goods”


Anti -glare glasses, three types of lenses, handsome and practical

Cold -proof outer gloves are composed of multiple layers of warm waterproof materials. You can directly grab the objects from ice water


New type of chills and warm cotton vests, good warmth, meet actual combat needs

Keep warm velvet jacket, easy to take care of


Plel of warm cotton pants, less than one pound, can also be compressed, light and convenient


Parker -style warm -up training uniforms, double -layer structures, two camouflage styles, suitable for various combat and service needs


Lightweight, cold -proof and warm -keeping coats, there is warmth inside, there is starry sky camouflage camouflage outside

Wet moisture and fast dry underwear, quickly export sweat to avoid low temperature frostbite

Tactical gloves, carbon fiber anti -collision shell structure, bow -shaped hand shape, easy to hit and shoot


Multifunctional insulation kettle, double -layer vacuum structure, titanium alloy material, with lunch box, vegetable box, suspended rope, folding spoon to meet all your imagination and needs for your perfect energy in the field environment

Round -edge summer training cap, using camouflage wear -resistant oblique cloth, waterproof and comfortable, sun protection and rainproof

Cold -proof towel socks can ensure warmth and dry feet under low temperature conditions

Anti -antoproma camouflage skin clothes, strong antibacterial, comes with the smell of garlic that comes with grasshoppers, effectively avoid the “kiss” of grasshoppers

Anti -leggings, no stretch of elasticity, can prevent insects and antholes, and can alleviate the fatigue brought by the long -distance troops.

(China Military Network WeChat · PLA News Communication Center Rong Media)