4 breakfast cake practices, loose and soft, cool, not hard, simple to see

A few days ago, I wrote a “hot noodle, semi-iron, so-faced, dead, and use.” There was a friend who didn’t have an example or not doing. Today, I will take a semi-iron, dead and What is the best to eat?

Friends who like to do pasta can refer to it, below these 4 loose and soft breakfast cakes, fluffy, cool, it is not hard, it is simple to look at it!


[Semi-iron noodles] [leeks egg pie]: China-gluten flour


There are two practices in semi-iron, first: It is the first hot water and face the flour and face, and then it is a semi-iron.


The second: a pot of flour in a basin, this half is hot, the other is half-iron with warm water and face, or it will be semi-iron.

The semi-iron is as soft as possible, don’t be harmonized, and the taste of the pursuit of semi-iron is soft and ribs.



The simplest method of semi-iron, burn the water, first mix a part of the flour with chopsticks, hot, and then in the flour, the flour is hot and good, and it is a semi-iron.

The semi-iron is not need to let go, don’t wait, ready to make a cake with the face, and you can operate.

2. Turn a fill after nice.

Fried a few eggs and cut, then cut some leeks, put it together: pouching oil, put some salt, like to eat five fragrant powder, you can put some five fragrances.



Put the face, and the size of the size is the same, take out the rolling pin of the ancestors, and knead the same size.


Put the stuffed stuffing on the top of the round, then cover a 馍 馍 子, put the side to the side, it is best to take a bowl to put the excess pouches on the edge, don’t pinch the edge. , Save the stuffing.




Open fire, brushing oil in the pot, put the do a good piece of pies in the pot

Waiting until two sides have fallen yellow, when the skin is cooked, the stuffing inside is cooked. The soft dish is ready, and you can eat it.


[Death] [Crispy Pub]: Central Grid Flour

Today, I use the dead side to be the simplest egg scorpion, I don’t put it, the egg is in the past, that is, simple and delicious, making it out, but not only the outer skin crisp is also clear.

The characteristics of the dead are not to go, the glibal is good, save time.

1. and a blind

Prepare a small bin, and 200 grams of flour, flour, add salt, and the dough and out of the dough. Use no more than 30 degrees of warm water and face.

Leaching the oil, make the dough, smooth the dough. Be


Hand light, surface light, basin light

OK is OK.

Take out the “distillation fabric” to cover, you will take a 10 minutes. The face is to make the face smoother, soft and easy to operate.

Take this time, cut some parsley, carrot grains. Take a small pot to play a few eggs, stir.


The dough is already awkward, take it out, and packed the size of the size. Both of the rounded part of the circle.

We make cakes with the easiest ways. Put the electric baking pan, brush the oil, and put the noodles in the pot, pour it into

Egg liquid

Sprinkle a layer

Coriander carrot granules,


The upper layer is covered.

Cover the pot, look at the point, fry until golden, turn the bakes and fry the other side. Few in both sides can come into golden.


And a piece of face, don’t wait, I can do it in ten minutes. I eat two crispy crispy egg pieces, and I will go to work, saving money than selling money.

[发 面] [Black Sesame Pie]: China-Glory Flour, Black Sea

Don’t use the yeast, add some sugar to accelerate the fermentation, put the lard or vegetable oil, and the dough is not sticky, and the cakes that can be better.

1. Have the face, 300 grams of medium gluten flour, 3 grams of yeast, due to low temperature, 放 点 点 点 加 加 加 发 发 发

We are now about 15 degrees, with 40 degrees of warm water and face. It is better to cover a warm place to find a warm place for 2 to 3 hours.


Prepare a little sugar stuffing:

Brown sugar, flour, black sesame

Putting with flour to increase the viscosity of sugar filling, it is not easy to leak.

3. Waiting for the dough significantly expansion

Let’s grab it to take a look, the dough is all honeycomb is fermented. Sprinkle the powder on the case, take it out on the board, and have been extruded in the air to cover all the air in the air.

Ferment 20 minutes.

After the second fermentation, the dough was swelled again, and it can make a tart.

4. Like the dough as a piece, the thickness is maintained at 3.1415926 ……..

Use a brush to brush a layer of vegetable oil on the surface of the face, and rub the oil directly from the brush. Folding the surface and stacked 5 cm wide.


Note that you want to close your mouth down, then cut the same size.

Brush a layer of oil, the cake is made, and it can be more fragrant.


Take a cutting dose directly, pinch flat in your hand, put the sugar stuffing, is wrapped like a bag, and then press the pie into a circular dice.


After all finished, take it out of the “distillation fabric” to cover it, then ferment it for about ten minutes.

Is it good to ferment it again? The 馍 馍 is getting bigger, and it is slightly smashed.


Heat the pan, put some oil, then put the pie, cover the lid, open the small fire, and slowly scrap the trees slowly, see it, come back, there is a few times, there is 3 to 5 minutes of pies are scattered.

咱 发 发 黑 做 做 皮 皮 酥 ​​酥 酥 皮 皮 皮 皮 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬 硬

Send face [home often water fry]: China-gluten flour

1. First, 300 grams of flour, 3 grams of yeast, warm water and face around 40 degrees,

Pulling into a dough, try to lift the dough into a 2 to 3 hours.

2. Tumming

I was on a warm water in advance, chopped the soft noodles, clicking the end of the onion, and the minced meat. Season: joining

Salt, thirteen incense, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil

Stir well with a spoon.


3. Looking at the dough is clear and fluffy,

When you use your hand, you will look at the whole honeycomb. This is the fermentation.

Sprinkle some flour on the board, remove the dough on the case, squatting the exhaust, don’t use it twice, directly use the hand to imitate the dumplings size, like a package dumplings, put the stuffings.


Take out the electric baking pan and heat it, brush the oil, and put the dumplings in the electric baking pan. Don’t be too squeezed, leave the gap, leave the frying bag.

After the placement, the pouring point is slightly thin. The amount of batter cover the bottom of the dumplings. Find a glass pot cover cover. Capastal burnout needs

Seven to eight minutes

. The frying bag is also cooked.


Learn to do water joy, you can do it at home. If you eat in the morning, you can put less yeast and good face, adjust the filling, put it on the morning, and you can eat it in the morning. Hot milk, the beautiful day begins …